With Great Risk Comes Great Reward

By: Marisa Bennett

Starting something new can be scary. You ask yourself “What if it’s the wrong decision?” or “What if I fail?” or “Will I fit in?”. I asked myself all these questions as I considered becoming the newest member of the Simon admissions team.

Coming from a corporate marketing background meant this was a big change for me professionally. I had all these emotions you have probably had as you think about starting graduate school. I wondered if my 15 years in the business world would translate to an education environment. I wondered if my MS degree would help me achieve what I wanted to in this role. But what really helped me make my decision was the opportunity and the people.

So speaking from experience, I can assure you that you will get over the uncertainty, the anxiety and the doubt and be rewarded personally and professionally in ways you can’t even imagine at this moment. As the saying goes, with great risk comes great reward.

Every single person I have met at Simon has been unbelievably kind and accepting. No one has judged me because I have a different background. No one looked down on my education, my experience or my style. And I can assure you, the same will be true for you. I am proud to be part of a team that I know will become my family and accept me no matter what.

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  1. Bill Lavoie says:

    Hi Marisa –

    What a great, heartfelt testimonial! I’m looking forward to meeting with you tomorrow and hearing more!

    See you then!