• Roland A. Caputo and the Simon School in New York City

    Roland A. Caputo and the Simon School in New York City

    If you are interested in learning more about the MBA and MS programs at the University of Rochester, Simon School and are located in the NYC metro area, here’s your opportunity! Join alumni, students, and staff for an evening of networking and listen to an interview style program with Simon alumnus, Roland Caputo as he […]

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  • Take on the World at Simon

    Take on the World at Simon

    By: Jerrica As someone who will be posting regular blog posts for Simon, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Jerrica, and I just started the MBA program in early August.  In contrast with most of my fellow students, I don’t have an exact plan in mind for after graduation; I have an […]

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  • Simon School Career Management posts strong results and improvement for 2012 MBA grads

    The results are in and posted and the Simon School Career Management Center has shown a strong result and significant improvement over 2011.  Here’s a snapshot for your referral: • 93% of students had a job offer within 90 days of graduation • 92% of students had accepted a job offer within 90 days of graduation • Two-thirds […]

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Admissions Tips: Role of GMAT/GRE and GPA

10172087983_986c641035_zWith the holidays coming up, you are probably looking forward to spending time with family and friends and taking a break from your regular routine. You may even be looking forward to the extra time you have to work on your B-school application(s).10172087983_986c641035_z

A big part of the B-school application that tends to be on the top of every applicant’s mind is the role of the GMAT/GRE and undergrad GPA in the review process. What most students don’t realize is that test scores and transcripts are rarely the deciding factor in an admissions review – they merely help the Admissions Committee gauge your ability to handle the rigor of the MBA or MS program in which you are applying. Plus, Simon’s Admissions Committee will take a holistic approach when reviewing your application.10172087983_986c641035_z10172087983_986c641035_z10172087983_986c641035_z

Test Scores

Simon will accept either the GMAT or GRE – you should choose the exam that you think best reflects your capabilities! If you are not satisfied with your test scores, consider taking the test again as schools will typically take your highest overall score. Keep in mind that we can see all test dates and scores, and when you have cancelled a score (GMAT only). It’s okay to take the exam a few times, but it will be concerning to the Committee if you take it too many times.

Check out this video of Stefanie Attridge, Director of Admissions and Enrollment at Simon, offering advice to applicants who may have a low GMAT or GRE score.

Undergrad Cumulative GPA

The Admissions Committee does not evaluate your GPA merely as a numerical calculation, we also consider the strength of the college or university you attended, the rigor of courses taken, your choice of major/minor, types of classes, and the trend in grades throughout school. On a secondary level, we are also interested in other demands on your time during undergrad such as employment or involvement in campus or community activities.

What should you do if your undergrad performance was below your capabilities, or if you didn’t have much quantitative coursework? Consider taking a statistics, calculus, economics, or financial accounting class at a local community college. This shows the Committee that you are trying to improve your skill set and prepare for B-school. Keep in mind that the Committee may request your final grade from additional coursework taken at other schools.

You cannot change your GPA at this point if you’ve already graduated, so use the Optional Essay to provide an explanation of any gaps in your undergrad coursework or weak performance on your transcript. You don’t want the Admissions Committee to come up with conclusions on their own!

Good luck as you continue to work through your application – we will look forward to receiving it for 2015!


Alumni Spotlight: Sharon H. Markowitz, MBA ‘04

UntitledSimon is a hidden gem in the world of business and I chose the school for a variety of reasons. Simon is unique because of its smaller size, allowing students to build close relationships with fellow students, professors and administration – all while receiving the attention that will help with personal and professional success. My Simon MBA has given me long-lasting friendships, trusted business partners, and a great network I can trust and depend on.

I am currently a Global Senior Marketing Manager at Intuit, Inc., which creates business and financial management solutions. The company’s Flagship products and services include TurboTax,® QuickBooks,® and Quicken®. I have the fortune of working with Intuit’s regional marketers to create and execute global marketing campaigns for customers, while being an ambassador of creating a global-first culture to drive growth. I also manage the Intuit Education Program that provides real-world experience in the classroom, enabling schools with the latest industry financial software, and giving them an edge on academic advancement and/or career progression.

My words of advice for prospective students considering Simon Business School: Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses! Get to know everyone that makes up the Simon community since these are the relationships you will go back to time and time again. And don’t limit yourself to Simon! There are other schools affiliated with the University of Rochester, relating to education, music and medicine, all of which have a reputation both nationally and internationally. Having these schools close by is a great opportunity to make connections, depending on your professional and personal interests.

Meet Simon’s New Dean

Cover squareSimon Business School welcomed its seventh dean, Andrew Ainslie, this past summer. The writers of Simon Business Magazine sat down with Dean Ainslie for a Q&A, which was featured in the magazine’s most recent issue.

The article is a great insider’s look at what attracted the Dean to Simon and what he envisions for the school’s future. Beyond Simon, he addresses the business education industry at large and his strategy for keeping up with its ever-changing landscape. The Dean also discusses his professional experience running the MBA program at UCLA Anderson.

Click here to access the full Q&A article to learn more about Dean Ainslie!

Simon Student Series: Come for the MBA, Stay for the Personal Experience


Felipe Vasconcelos, MBA ’16

In the short time I have been at Simon Business School, I have had memorable experiences, exciting adventures with great people, and amazing new insights. Moving away from home is hard – being away from everyone and everything you know can be very challenging. For me, starting my MBA meant being in a completely foreign place with people I had never met. Fortunately, the Simon family welcomed me with open arms to help me transition into this new phase of my life.

One of the first pieces of advice given to me by a Simon student was to find a balance between my academic and social life. While the coursework is challenging and requires a healthy amount of time and commitment, it is also very rewarding. Because of the collaborative nature of the program, I was able to start forging meaningful relationships with my fellow “Simonites.” I soon found myself part of a fantastic circle that included not only fellow students, but also alumni and staff.

Active networking has allowed me to make new friends and create new opportunities, but it also helped me realize that I am not alone at Simon – there are other transplants trying to adjust like me. We have all been supporting each other towards collective academic success and individual professional goals. But we are also building strong relationships that make us a little less nostalgic for our homes. One Saturday you may be with first-year MBA students at the beautiful beach by Lake Ontario; another day, having a fantastic barbecue feast with second-year MBA students.

Dealing with moving away from friends and family is easier when you are not alone, and at Simon, someone will always be there for you.