• UR Simon Weekend Reflections

    UR Simon Weekend Reflections

    The following blog post was written by Mikayla Hart, 2016 MBA Candidate. I’m very grateful that I participated in UR Simon the other weekend. This annual event, which is for Simon’s newly admitted MBA and MS students, was a busy couple of days. Students met future classmates, attended a case discussion led by Professor Greg […]

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  • Tips for Creating a Competitive Application

    Tips for Creating a Competitive Application

    The following blog post was written by Senthil Sevugan, 2015 MBA Candidate. Narrowing down the schools you want to apply to is half the job. Applying to them is probably the other, more significant half. Like anything else that is important in life, a b-school application requires thorough research and groundwork. We know the key […]

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  • Scholarship Weekend Reflections

    Scholarship Weekend Reflections

    The following blog post was written by Albert Chatigny, 2015 MBA Candidate. A week ago today, top admitted MBA and MS students from all over the world made their way to Rochester, NY for Scholarship Weekend. Some trickled in early to explore the city while others arrived Friday afternoon for the evening kickoff. For most of […]

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My Experience with The Consortium and OP

The following blog post was written by Alonso Moreno, 2017 MBA Candidate

It’s hard not to feel some level of intimidation when going into an MBA program – especially if you’re a member of The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, where my peers are about half of the country’s top minority MBA talent! If you’re not familiar, The Consortium is an organization whose mission is to reduce the underrepresentation of African Americans, Native Americans and Hispanic Americans in education and business. The University of Rochester is one of 18 member schools that make up The Consortium – in fact, I’m proud to say that the University of Rochester is one of the organization’s founding members.

The Consortium kicks-off each year with an Orientation Program (also called OP) where first-year students attend a series of seminars and workshops to jumpstart their career development. Students also have the opportunity to network with various corporations and interview for internships. As you can imagine, OP is one of the greatest perks of The Consortium and students have to be prepared!

facebookBeginning my preparation for OP, I had all the confidence in the world because the Simon staff involved were nothing short of encouraging and helpful. My prep included: fine-tuning my resume, practicing my pitch, and conducting company research. I was fortunate enough to work one-on-one with Kelly Gibbon, Director of Career Management at Simon’s Career Management Center (CMC). Although there were many more individuals who ultimately played a role in my experience at OP, Kelly was my first point of contact for OP preparation. She was always available to answer questions via e-mail, schedule times to talk or even just review some of my materials. Without her help, my time leading up to OP would have been a lot more stressful and wouldn’t have been as enjoyable.

Upon joining Simon through The Consortium, I heard of the great network and support I’d gain by joining the school. I don’t think I came to fully appreciate what this meant until OP. The staff, student liaisons, alumni, and fellow classmates from Simon were all there to help each other. With their guidance and recommendations, I was able to further build my confidence. If there’s one piece of advice I have for an incoming MBA candidate: work on your personal pitch. It’s important to be able to articulate your professional experiences and accomplishments into concise points. This is what made networking with recruiters and having interviews at OP so much easier, and the reason why I can truly call OP a success.

While The Consortium program at Simon may not be the biggest compared to other schools, the level of support from staff, alumni and student liaisons was unmatched at OP. All the individuals I had the privilege to meet and work with, including my fellow classmates, helped create a close-knit atmosphere. The relationships created at OP made it that much easier to be successful during my time at Simon. I gained all of this even before sitting for my first class at Simon! I can only look forward to what the next two years have in store.

Are you interested in applying to graduate business school through The Consortium? If so, the process is simple. Especially if you plan to apply to multiple members schools because it will save you both time and money!

The first things to keep in mind are the deadlines: Round 1 is October 15, 2015 and Round 2 is January 5, 2016. No matter which deadline you target, you are encouraged to start the application early so you know what materials are needed to successfully complete your application. The Consortium does a great job on their website of detailing the application process, but there are some “common” pieces to the application that will be used by all schools: GMAT or GRE scores, transcript(s), resume, core essay #1, the optional essay, along with your general application information. There is also a school-specific essay that you will need to complete that only Simon will receive, as well as a core essay on your commitment to the mission of The Consortium that the schools will not see. The “ranking” of schools on The Consortium application can sometimes be confusing so it is recommended that you speak with a Consortium staff member or Simon Admissions to fully understand what implications the rankings might have.

If you have questions, contact the Simon Admissions Office at admissions@simon.rochester.edu or (585) 275-3533. You can also read more about The Consortium at cgsm.org or on Simon’s website.

Taking the First Steps in the B-School Application Process

So you’ve decided to apply to an MBA or MS program – Congratulations! Studying for the GMAT or GRE, writing your essays, lining up recommendations, and attending admissions events – it all takes time. Now add your full-time job, managing everything outside of work, and it is easy to appreciate that there will not be much free time in the coming weeks and months while you apply for b-school. Here are some tips and advice as you start the journey to b-school.

Target an Application Deadline and Plan Accordingly
As you get started, carefully review the deadlines you will target and any specific details on what needs to be submitted by that date. You can build a schedule that includes enough time to prep for the GMAT or GRE (if needed), recruit recommenders, write the essays and applications, and schedule visits to meet admissions staff and alums on campus or at key recruiting events near you.

Take a Thoughtful Approach to Essay Writing
Applications essays are one of the most time consuming parts of the application, so make sure you review the essay topics far in advance. You can find essay prompts on our website, or by starting an online application. While the essay topics all relate to your b-school plans, they require you to carefully position your thoughts while also remaining within word limits. If you know the topics in advance, you can start to frame your ideas well ahead of the deadlines.

Application Tips

Consider the key messages you want to convey about your strengths, talents, expected future contributions, and what makes you special and unique. While the essay questions may not ask all these things, there are creative ways to integrate these components if you approach the essays strategically. Some information may not fit in your essays, but can be placed in your resume. Alternatively, you can use the admissions interview or possibly the optional essay to communicate important details about your candidacy.

Choose the Right Individuals to Provide Recommendations
Our Admissions Committee typically prefers professional recommendations from individuals who have recently supervised your work. This is sometimes tricky if you are trying to apply for graduate business school without your current boss knowing of your plans. It is really important to identify those individuals who have managed you on a daily basis and can provide details about the fantastic things you have done. If for some reason you absolutely cannot use your current or recent past supervisor, other alternatives may include a team leader, supervisor for significant volunteer work, previous internship supervisor or a client you worked with closely on a key project.

Ideally, grab coffee or lunch with the person who you are hoping to write the recommendation and share your future career plans, how b-school fits in to your professional development, and why you are considering each target school. I also recommend that you share key deadlines to confirm they can devote the time needed to submit your recommendation(s) on time.

Be Authentic
It can be really easy to over-think the b-school application process and try to imagine what the Admissions Committee is looking for. The entire admissions experience is about introspection, understanding why you are pursuing this investment in yourself and confirming how you want to grow and develop personally and professionally during this experience. You need to figure out what you are looking for in b-school and how you can contribute during the MBA or MS experience and beyond. Then you will be well positioned to demonstrate the value proposition that you offer.

Start Your Application Today
Don’t hesitate, start your application today! By doing so, you will also receive updates regarding important deadlines and relevant information on the application process. We have several upcoming application deadlines to choose from for our MBA and MS programs, including the upcoming Round 1 – October 15 deadline.

Have questions? You are welcome to attend an upcoming admissions webinar or you can contact the Simon Admissions Office at admissions@simon.rochester.edu or (585) 275-3533 for. We look forward to receiving your application!

Exploring Rochester One Meal at a Time

The following blog post was written by Adrian Finch, MBA 2015; MS Marketing 2012

Rochester is home to some of the best restaurants and bars in the area. As someone who has grown up in the area and has watched the city grow, I love to share my recommendations to those who aren’t afraid to get out and explore. For our newest Simon students – and all the foodies out there – I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite new and old restaurants. Check them out!

If you want to find the best burger in Rochester, look no further than Good Luck. Served on a massive wooden platter, you’ll receive a one-pound, grass-fed beef burger on brioche with fresh cheddar and vegetable slaw. Their burger receives only the best treatment, taking a dip in a butter bath before it hits the grill, locking in its amazing flavor. Accompanied with a massive pile of the most delicious, crisp, and well-seasoned fries you’ll ever taste, this duo is one for the books. Not only is their burger amazing, but their menu also boasts items like fried chicken, pizzas, and unique bites like duck toasts and braised oxtail.

Adrian Finch, MBA 2015; MS Marketing 2012

Adrian Finch, MBA 2015; MS Marketing 2012

Who wants a cocktail? You won’t have to travel far to find uniquely crafted drinks in a cool atmosphere. I couldn’t pick a favorite because they’re both great places to check out, so head to one on a Friday, and the other on a Saturday. Or, if you’re feeling crazy, try both in one night. The Revelry offers both amazing food and cocktails in a welcoming, trendy environment. Ask your server about the story of the pineapple in their logo while you sip on a Lion’s Tail or a Mr. Mule. Cure is tucked away in the Public Market, but is a place you don’t want to pass up. Take a seat at their bar and request a Beer and a Shot of Jack and Genny or a Booze Your Own Adventure where the bartender will make you a specialty cocktail. Pair your cocktail with one of their tapas-style small plates of charcuterie.

As the weekend approaches, you’ll want to plan to meet your friends for breakfast at a local secret. Check out Atlas Eats for an intimate, Mom-and-Pop dining experience. Nestled in a tree-lined neighborhood, Atlas Eats offers only 24 seats, which allows them to keep their restaurant so clean you could practically eat off of the floor. Their menu might be small, but it changes often to provide guests with an incredibly unique experience inspired from countries around the globe (hence, Atlas Eats). After eating a pile of their hot, buttery, whole-wheat pancakes, be sure to check out their case of baked goods and take something to go. Their blueberry scones are something to marvel at.

Now, get out there and eat!

MBA Internship Reflections

The following blog post was written by Jay Gillespie, 2016 MBA Candidate


Jay Gillespie, 2016 MBA Candidate

I didn’t understand how well Simon prepared me for a management position until I began my summer internship in the marketing department of Bigelow Tea. I have an arts background (worked as a full-time actor prior to Simon), and I would like to transition into brand management and marketing.

Bigelow Tea treats their MBA interns like full-time staff so I was completely involved with the entire marketing team – everything from traditional brand management and market research, to social media planning and analytics. I was well prepared for all of it. And when it came to analytics I felt like I was on the cutting edge.

What I liked most about my internship was that I worked with an extremely talented and hard-working team that provided a lot of support (very similar to the Simon community!).

As I reflect on my internship, one interesting story comes to mind. After only one month on the internship, I was asked to attend the national marketing and sales conference and give a twenty-minute presentation to the national sales team. I was a little nervous, but it went smoothly and the senior brand manager complemented me afterwards.

My internship was a lot of work, but the experience was rewarding and I feel highly valued. In fact, the team has mentioned how it would be great to have me around full time, very exciting.