• Oasis Foods: Not Your Average Start Up

    Oasis Foods: Not Your Average Start Up

    The following blog post was written by Sarah Spoto, 2017 MBA candidate and Simon Leadership Fellow What do you think of when you hear the word “entrepreneur”? A young man in a hoodie hunched over a computer, perhaps? A graying–but young at heart–millionaire venture capitalist, maybe? Whatever you envision, I bet you didn’t picture three […]

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  • Student's passion for analytics leads her to Whirlpool -- Zakia Barnes, 2017 MBA Candidate

    Student’s passion for analytics leads her to Whirlpool — Zakia Barnes, 2017 MBA Candidate

    As someone with a passion for analytics, Zakia Barnes, 2017 MBA candidate, found a natural fit with Simon. Even though she was skilled at using analytics to problem solve in her daily life, she knew that rounding out her skills with an MBA was key to adding value in her professional role. Having completed her […]

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  • Hult Prize Reflections: Simon Team Developed Strategy to Combat Global Poverty

    Hult Prize Reflections: Simon Team Developed Strategy to Combat Global Poverty

    The following blog post was written by Mikayla Hart, 2016 MBA candidate Attending the semi-finals of the Hult Prize was one of the best experiences I’ve had thus far in business school. The Hult Prize is a global social business plan competition that challenges students to develop sustainable social enterprises to address poverty alleviation, with a […]

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Preliminary MBA Employment Results – Class of 2016

It’s that time of year again! We are so excited to be able to share preliminary information about our employment results for the MBA Class of 2016. This positive news is a reflection of our ongoing desire and commitment to facilitate excellent career outcomes for our graduates. Here are a few specifics:

  • 95% of our graduates who were job seeking accepted employment within three months of graduation
  • The total compensation package is $113,514*
  • The percentage of students whose jobs were a result of “School Facilitated” efforts is 73.8%
  • This year, premier corporate partners include Amazon, Bain & Company, Bank of America, Boston Consulting Group, Colgate-Palmolive Company, FCA US LLC, Johnson & Johnson, National Basketball Association, Inc. (NBA), RBC Capital Markets, UBS, and Whirlpool, just to name a few

*Based on U.S. News & World Report calculations

A detailed employment report with information about hiring companies, industries, and functions will be available within the next few weeks. In the meantime, we are proud to share these outcomes with you and look forward to helping you achieve career success in the future!

If you haven’t done so already, now is a great time to submit your application. Keep in mind that finalizing an early application will maximize consideration for admission and merit-based scholarships.

Our next application deadline is Tuesday, November 15. If you’re looking for last-minute advice as you finish up your application, tune in to our Application Tips webinar tomorrow, October 26 at 12:00 p.m. EST.

My Campus Visit Helped Me Find My Fit at Simon

The following blog post was written by Monica Perez, 2017 MS in Business Analytics candidate

A year ago I was uncertain about my future; I didn’t know how to decide on a graduate school where I would be a good fit, but most importantly, one that would be a good fit for me. Many factors drove my decision; however, one of them carried the most weight. I liked how all the schools looked online and in rankings, but I was curious about how I would feel once I became part of the school’s community and experienced its culture.

Monica Perez is a 2017 MS in Business Analytics candidate.

Monica Perez is a 2017 MS in Business Analytics candidate.

This is the reason why I decided to visit Simon. The School hosted an event designed to give prospective students the opportunity to get a feel for the school, meet current students and faculty, and experience life as a Simon MS student. The schedule was filled with activities that gave prospective students the chance to engage with the Simon community. At first, I was very nervous since I also scheduled my admissions interview while I was on campus. After I completed my interview, though, I was able to enjoy everything the event had to offer: meeting current students, getting their input on classes, and learning more about Rochester and all it has to offer. I had the chance to bond with other prospective students and create valuable friendships with them. The admissions staff was wonderful and really made me feel like I was in the right place. All of these things helped me picture myself at the School, and I felt like I became part of the Simon community.

During my first visit, I was really able to envision being a Simon MS student and I was fairly certain Simon was the right school for me. Then, I received an invitation to Scholarship Weekend. This was a very intense weekend that allowed me to experience the type of group work I would regularly engage in as a master’s student. I was absolutely impressed by how my group interacted during the long hours preparing for the case competition. Everyone was well prepared and it was very evident we were all trying our best to succeed. This kind of drive and ambition from my peers was what made me realize that Simon was a perfect fit for me.

Visiting campus was one of the most important factors that influenced my business school decision. Everything I learned about the school during that time on campus was very valuable in helping me decide that Simon was the right place for me. Getting firsthand experience is critical for determining if the school is a good fit for you. As previously mentioned, schools can all look good on paper, but we are all different people with diverse personalities, and finding the place that will bring out the best in you is very important to your educational success.

Visit Simon. You’ll be glad you did!

If you’re interested in one of our specialized master’s programs, visit us Nov. 7 for MS Day @Simon to find out if Simon is the business school for you. You will have the opportunity to tour campus, attend a class, eat lunch with other prospective students, meet with the Office of Student Engagement and the Career Management Center, and network with current students, faculty and Simon alumni. Register here.

Five Things I Love About Rochester

The following blog post was written by Katie Freiert, 2017 MBA candidate

As a Long Beach, CA native, moving across the country to pursue my MBA at Simon was a big decision. Now, heading into my second year as a Rochester resident, I’ve come to enjoy many things the city has to offer. Here are my five favorite things about the “Flower City.”

Especially stunning fall colors outside Simon's Schlegel Hall.

Stunning fall colors outside Simon’s Schlegel Hall.

Experiencing all four seasons. This was a new concept for me, because where I’m from our weather stays consistent for the majority of the year. I was in Rochester for a full year before my summer internship and had the opportunity to experience hot summer, crisp and colorful fall, snowy winter, and bright spring. Rochester has fun things to do during each season as well, where you can experience new parts of the city and meet new people! Speaking of which…

The people.  I have yet to meet a Rochesterian who has been anything less than wonderful. They are hospitable and want nothing more than for you to love their city as much as they do. When local students and people in my neighborhood found out I was from so far away, they were more than willing to give recommendations on where to eat, what to do, and how to accomplish day-to-day tasks like where to buy groceries. And while we’re on the topic…

Wegmans Food Markets, which originated in Rochester, has stores in six states along the East Coast.

Wegmans Food Markets began in Rochester and has stores in six states along the East Coast.

WEGMANS.  For those who have not heard of the wonderous place, you’re in for a treat! Wegmans is an experience. It is the supermarket extraordinaire here in the Northeast that has anything and everything you could ever want from a grocery store. They are equipped with the standard offerings, but you will also find an expansive deli, bakery, hot buffet bars that feature cuisines from around the world, restaurants, a coffee bar, and food to go! If you don’t want to take my word for it, Wegmans was recently named the Best Grocery Chain in America by Fortune.

It’s a small big city. I am from a big city in California, so coming to Rochester was somewhat of a culture shock. I wasn’t used to a city being quiet and was amazed by the minimal traffic on the highways. Rochester’s culture, nightlife, and food scene is vibrant enough to keep anyone busy. With its museums, local breweries and wineries, Eastman School of Music, and other great opportunities similar to other big cities, you’ll never have to look far for fun weekend plans.

My favorite—local sports!
As a big sports fan, having access to different sporting events was very important to me. The Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres play about an hour away in Buffalo, meaning that professional football and hockey are never far away. The Rochester Redwings baseball team, a Triple-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, and the RazorSharks, a semi-professional team with the Premier Basketball League, give sports fans seasonal opportunities to see the sports that they love close to home.

Check out our webinar on Wednesday, Oct. 12 to learn about what the University and City of Rochester have to offer, as well as the many benefits of being a graduate student in Rochester! Register here.

Experience the ‘Grand Canyon of the East’ — Letchworth State Park

The following blog post was written by Jenika Shannon, 2018 MBA candidate

Have you ever experienced the silence of serenity? Or witnessed the perfection and power of nature? Have you ever felt so small that your worries melted away? Have you ever wandered into a pine-scented forest and heard nothing but the sound of your own footsteps? Silence – broken only by the surrender of fallen branches beneath your bodyweight.

Letchworth State Park, better known as the “Grand Canyon of the East,” is about an hour’s drive south of Rochester. The gorge was forged hundreds of thousands of years ago when glaciers as tall as cumulus clouds moved through the region. Three waterfalls were formed by three distinct glacial migrations. The Genesee River now runs through the gorge, adding the fascinating behavior of flowing water to the already magnanimous beauty of the gorge’s layered rock stratigraphy.

If you want to see the park, you will have to visit! Here is a picture of me at the Dam Overlook, instead.

If you want to see the park, you will have to visit! In the meantime, here is a picture of me at the Dam Overlook.

The trees that flank the highway on the way to the park create a sea of greens that any nature lover will adore (I began to question if green is actually my favorite color). The rolling hills of upstate New York produce an awe-inspiring view of the outstretched road ahead – but nothing can prepare you for the spectacle that awaits you at the park.

Exit the highway into a little antiquated town called Mount Morris, and all of a sudden, you feel as if you have been transported into a period of malt shakes and juke boxes. About half a mile down the road, a large brown road sign points left towards the park. The incline begins instantly, and at this point you will be glad that you have the car to do the hiking for you. Pay the $10 (per vehicle) entry fee and continue the vehicular climb into the 17-mile long park. It takes about 10 minutes to reach the parking lot for the main hiking trail – that is if you can resist stopping at the numerous lookout points sprinkled along the winding, one-lane road that snakes around the chasm. Names like “Gorge Overlook” and “Lee’s Landing” paint pictures in your head that beg to be reaffirmed with just a quick stop. Yes, the various lookouts yield majestic vistas, more vibrant and idyllic than your mind’s eye can imagine, but do not spend all of your time on the side of the road. The real treasures lie along a 7-mile hike!

Park your car and notice the faces of those around you – excitement glows on the smiles of those who parked alongside you; delight and pure bliss mark the sweaty countenances of those who have gone before you.

Enter the trail and find a stone wall that runs alongside the Genesee River. Take 126 stairs down to the riverbank and catch a gorgeous view of Lower Falls – the shortest of the falls on the trail. Ascend the stairs and begin the hike to the first plateau, which gifts you with an aerial view of Lower Falls.

The hiking trail is littered with dozens of species of trees and slightly beaten paths. Do not be afraid to go off trail. Exploring a less traveled path may lead you to a stone archway beneath a bridge. A scene so magical, you would not be surprised if a troll approached you with a riddle.

Once back on the main trail, the pattern continues: hike, plateau, incredible view, until you reach the apex. A tricky descent into the forest will lead you to a mesmerizing scene known as Middle Falls. The simultaneously soothing and terrifying sound of thousands of gallons of water plummeting to the base of the waterfall masks most noises, so no children will hear the expletives you murmur upon the discovery of this site.

Take it all in. Breathe the crisp air. Just stare in enthrallment. And, if you are smarter than me and do not waste much time on the tempting lookouts mentioned before, you will have time to finish the last mile of the hike to Upper Falls.

There are 66 miles of hiking trails in Letchworth State Park (of which I hiked 5), covering a range of lengths and difficulties. The park boasts two restaurants, a swimming pool, playgrounds, campsites, a hotel, museum, and anything else you might need to have a fun-filled summer day. In fact, the magic of the park is accessible year round, as there are snow activities available in the wintertime!

I am already planning my next trip to Letchworth State Park. There is just something so addicting about the place. It truly is a gem in the crown that is Rochester.