• UR Simon Weekend Reflections

    UR Simon Weekend Reflections

    The following blog post was written by Mikayla Hart, 2016 MBA Candidate. I’m very grateful that I participated in UR Simon the other weekend. This annual event, which is for Simon’s newly admitted MBA and MS students, was a busy couple of days. Students met future classmates, attended a case discussion led by Professor Greg […]

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  • Tips for Creating a Competitive Application

    Tips for Creating a Competitive Application

    The following blog post was written by Senthil Sevugan, 2015 MBA Candidate. Narrowing down the schools you want to apply to is half the job. Applying to them is probably the other, more significant half. Like anything else that is important in life, a b-school application requires thorough research and groundwork. We know the key […]

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  • Scholarship Weekend Reflections

    Scholarship Weekend Reflections

    The following blog post was written by Albert Chatigny, 2015 MBA Candidate. A week ago today, top admitted MBA and MS students from all over the world made their way to Rochester, NY for Scholarship Weekend. Some trickled in early to explore the city while others arrived Friday afternoon for the evening kickoff. For most of […]

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Simon Rises in Finance Ranking; Introducing Anticipated MS Finance Class of 2016

I write this blog post today with great contentment. Simon Business School is ranked No. 5 among U.S. schools for our pre-experience MS Finance program in an annual survey recently released by the Financial Times of London. Financial Times defines pre-experience programs as those aimed at students who have little or no professional experience. The ranking can be accessed here.


Simon alumni who graduated with an MS in Finance degree in 2012 were invited to complete the survey. For the pre-experience ranking, alumni responses are used to assess criteria including “salary today,” “placement success,” and “international mobility,” among others, that together account for 55 percent of the ranking’s weight.

When Simon first appeared in the survey last year, the MS Finance program was ranked No. 7. The Simon Community is excited to have moved up in the rankings – after all, this international recognition underscores the extraordinary talent of our world-class faculty and students. Areas of significant improvement since last year were placement success, salary today, and percentage employed three months post graduation. Our success is also reflected in an increase in applications this year, indicating that we will likely enroll a slightly bigger class in the future.

Based on student feedback, we have also created new, dedicated resources in the Career Management Center and Student Services that we hope will lead to even better outcomes for our current and future students.

Speaking of our future students, Simon’s MS Finance Class of 2016 will arrive to Rochester, NY in only a few short weeks. We look forward to welcoming this anticipated class – which is comprised of more than 180 students – as students have unique profiles:

  • Citizens of 20 countries, spanning 5 continents.
  • Students attended more than 120+ undergraduate institutions across the globe and majored in an array of subjects including Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance/Financial Management, Management, Mathematics, among others.
  • An average of 1.6 years of full-time work experience prior to enrolling at Simon.
  • Students have work and internship experience at a variety of companies, including Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Citibank, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, PwC, Standard Chartered Bank, among others.

We are proud of our longstanding tradition of excellence in the area of Finance, and we look forward to continuing this tradition with our anticipated MS Finance Class of 2016!

Top 5 Summer Activities in Rochester

The following blog post was written by Alec Kissinger, MS Marketing 2015

With the start of summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to explore all that Rochester has to offer. The following are recommended activities that I enjoyed doing as a Simon student, and I know you will too!

  • Rochester is a great biking city so break out your bike (or rent one) for a spin along the Erie Canal before heading down to Schoen Place for Simply Crepes, or a beer from Lock 32 Brewing Company. This quaint area provides a view of the canal and tasty treats.
  • For a particularly warm day, bring a towel and swimsuit to Ontario Beach Park to soak up some Vitamin D. You can play beach volleyball, walk out to the lighthouse, or take a dip in the lake. Pack a blanket and picnic if you prefer to lounge on the grassy lawn and take in the view of the water. Be sure to grab an Abbott’s ice cream to cool off at the end of the trip.

    Letchworth State Park, also referred to as the "Grand Canyon of the East."

    Letchworth State Park

  • Festival season has begun in Rochester! In case you didn’t know, Rochester is home to numerous cultural and arts festivals. So gather your friends and check out upcoming festivals online at Visit Rochester.
  • For the sports fans, a great summer activity is going to a Rochester Red Wings baseball game. Get your fill of hot dogs and pretzels as you root for the home team.
  • While the trees are green and the flowers are in full bloom, head out of the city to walk the trails at Mendon Ponds Park. The 2,500 acres of woodlands and ponds will refresh and rejuvenate you. The gardens at Sonnenberg Park in Canandaigua also offer a natural oasis. If you are seeking to really escape from the city, travel a bit farther to Letchworth State Park known as the “Grand Canyon of the East.” With plenty of trails and outdoor activities, you are sure to have a good time.

When you are a student at Simon, it is easy to get caught up with school life and the job search, but it is important to take time to enjoy the weather and discover Rochester – after all, many of you will only be here for a short while! Enjoy your exploration!

Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities

The following blog post was written by Nilukshini Gooneratne, 2015 MS Accountancy Candidate

It’s no secret that Simon Business School has a very intense and demanding academic curriculum. The motto of the school is “Toughen Up” and they mean it in every sense of the word! As an undergrad from the Upstate New York area, I was familiar with the reputation of Simon and I was very excited to become a part of this prestigious institution. I knew I would receive the academic experience that I was seeking – one that was challenging and pushed me beyond my limits, but also gave me the opportunity to learn so much. Being on a quarter academic calendar allows you to learn a lot within a short time span. While you are barely crawling through a quarter, with assignments due one after another and with exams every month, it is hard to appreciate it while you’re at it! But looking back at the end of a quarter, you know you wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Student Services Wall of Posters

Collage of Simon event posters.

To my surprise, what I appreciate most from my Simon experience goes beyond the academics. Simon really treats co-curricular and extra-curricular activities with great importance. It is an integral part of one’s B-school experience to be as involved as possible in activities other than what gives you course credit. This is the professional development one takes with him/her upon graduation. When you are working in the real world, you don’t necessarily use all the course knowledge you gather in every class – it is only a foundation to give you the tools you will need to succeed in your career path. However, the extra activities you engage in shapes the person you are when you finally take flight. Leadership, networking, team building, public speaking and time management are some very important skills that Simon ensures all students gather throughout their B-school journey.

The monthly Simon Socials are something we look forward to as students. This is a themed event hosted by different departments at Simon. These events bring the entire student body together to mingle, away from any sort of academic stress, in a time of fellowship. To name some event themes: September was “Back to School,” October was “Halloween,” November was “Thanksgiving” and January was obviously “Winter!”

Another favorite of mine are the regular happy hours hosted by Simon’s Graduate Business Council. They organize regular events in downtown Rochester where students are given yet another opportunity to mingle with students outside of their cohort. We are predominantly in classes with the students of our specific programs, and what I love about these events is the opportunity to meet the rest of the student body.

The Simon Socials and happy hours are my favorite events, but I am biased as I love to meet new people! There are many other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities at Simon. For instance, the Career Management Center (CMC) organizes various workshops on professional development that prepare students for the real world. Two of my favorite events hosted by CMC were Got Mocked and Spring Training. Got Mocked gave students the opportunity to conduct mock interviews with alumni and get their feedback. I had three mock interviews and received very useful feedback from all three of my interviewers. Spring Training was a baseball themed event where students practiced their pitch about ten times with different alumni, faculty and other staff, and also attended workshops.

Furthermore, many student clubs host guest speakers, organize corporate visits, networking events, case competitions and coordinate trainings on SQL, Bloomberg and more. Being a part of these organizations or clubs is vital to the enhancement and maximization of your B-school experience. It adds a tremendous value to the overall return you get from your educational investment.

I have absolutely loved the past year at Simon and as I graduate this summer, I leave with mixed feelings. I am excited to face the corporate world with the keys to success that Simon has bestowed upon me, but with great sadness to go separate ways from the friendships I have built. I will miss everyone, but I leave with great pride for being part of a great alumni network and I hope to carry the Simon pride with me in my career.

Rochester Lilac Festival

The following blog post was written by Vicki Turakhia, 2015 MBA Candidate

My favorite time of year in Rochester is not when the weather starts to get warmer or the first snow, but the ten days set aside in the month of May. These ten days are for the Rochester Lilac Festival. This festival features live music, wine slushies, deep fried candy bars, games, zip lining, gorgeous lilacs and more.

Highland Park during Lilac Festival

Highland Park during Lilac Festival

This year was the first year that I had the nerve to try zip lining. And it was great! For a small price and a large amount of bravery, I was able to try zip lining. And while the distance wasn’t that far, it felt like a big step for me. The Lilac Festival proved to be better than previous years with great entertainment, weather and food. I also had the wonderful opportunity to try a deep friend Snickers® bar. I now wonder why all Snickers® are not deep fried?

This year was the 117th anniversary of the Lilac Festival! The festival is held at Highland Park, a beautiful park situated very closely to the University of Rochester. This year was especially great because the lilacs were in full bloom. The air smelled of lilacs and the park looked incredibly colorful. Going to the Lilac Festival is one of my favorite things to do in Rochester. The festival just ended, but I never miss it and I hope to go in the years following as well.

If you ever have the time, I highly recommend the Lilac Festival. It gets better with each year and showcases the Rochester community perfectly.