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Introducing Simon CMC from my own experience!

Greetings from Simon! I will start by introducing myself to you, I am a new blogger, Xinrui Yan (Cynthia). I am now a first-year candidate in Simon’s masters degree program, concentrating in Finance. Prior to Simon, I had several internships in the financial services industry and studied both in China and the U.S. I am currently a member of Simon Student Ambassadors, a group of students that are ready to help you here. I am excited to share my experience at Simon with all of you since I went through all the processes that you are now going through for the application and I was delighted by the other Simonites’ blogs when I applied. I think one of all the greatest things about Simon is that our alumni are always helpful, and I absolutely want to be one of them.

Simon offered tons of workshops and social gathering opportunities along with an intense and high quality curriculum. Since every day here is meaningful and so different from the previous, I may not be able to share all my exciting experiences in the past quarter with you, but I will keep you up-to-date with what is happening at Simon in the following days.

What I would like to introduce to you now is the Career Management Center (CMC), which is one of the most helpful groups of people at Simon. They would be the first one to contact you right after you got your admission offer from the admission office and prepare you for the job searching, even before you start school here! I attended the 2012 Boston Career Forum and my experience here becomes the best proof of the excellent job that the CMC has done. I went fully prepared with my company research done at home, was able to easily navigate my target companies, and presented at some company presentations in a timely manner. Talking to many other participants from other top schools as well as company representatives during the Career Fair, I noticed that CMC at Simon did a better job than many other schools in helping first year students to start earlier in their job search. A company “y” told me that he was impressed by Simon students being so motivated and driven, and at the same time confident and prepared. I would say most of this can be attributed to the workshops I joined at CMC: they helped me polish my resume, have instructed me to write emails reaching out to alumni in the company before the Career Fair, and also have given me the framework for potential interviews. As far as I know, CMC also sponsored traveller stipends for MBA students who attended this fair. All in all, I believe Simon is the one that can help you to develop your career to the utmost level.

I have to stop here for today, but the CMC obviously gives us more than what I put down here. Also, let me introduce a Growth Market Program by the CMC which I am getting involved with in the near future. Good luck on your application process!

Meliora !

Xinrui (Cynthia) Yan VP of Simon Student Ambassadors MSF Candidate, Class of 2013 Simon School of Business, University of Rochester


Simon School Career Management posts strong results and improvement for 2012 MBA grads

The results are in and posted and the Simon School Career Management Center has shown a strong result and significant improvement over 2011.  Here’s a snapshot for your referral:

• 93% of students had a job offer within 90 days of graduation
• 92% of students had accepted a job offer within 90 days of graduation
• Two-thirds of employment offers were School-facilitated
• Average Salary for 2012 MBA graduates was $86,553
• Average Bonus for 2012 MBA graduates was $15,318
• Top employers for the past three years include a number of nationally known firms such as: Deloitte, Constellation Brands, Ernst & Young, Citigroup, KPMG, Cognizant, General Electric, Toys-R-Us, Unilever, Nielson, and Bank of America

Interested in seeing the details behind the 2012 Employment Report?  This link provides a broader list of employers, as well as charts that give breakdowns by industry, function, geography, and more.   At the Simon School, we are committed to helping each of our students start on the path toward a successful and rewarding post-MBA career!  Have questions?  Send me an e-mail or post a comment.

Simon Students Won 1st International Graduate Competition

By: Lingling Chen 

After 48-hours of continuous working, four Simon students – Lingling Chen, MS ’12, Irina Ivanova, MBA ’13, Mahendra Goyal, MBA ’13 and Rajesh Chaudhary, MBA ’13 won the 1st International Graduate Competition held by HEC Montreal, under the guidance of Professor David Tilson. The Simon team was highly acknowledged by their international horizon, in-depth analysis, data-driven insights, creative solutions and convincing presentations. Besides the top prize, they also won the only Best Report Award.

The 1st International Graduate Competition drew together talented graduate students from the world’s top-rated business schools in Finland, Canada, Denmark, Australia and USA. Participants acted as consultants to help a company find the optimal solution to its multifaceted problems of international strategy, marketing, human resource management and finance. “It was a very tough competition since we only had 48 hours to work through 4 interrelated cases, come up with a complete consulting report and two final presentations”, says Lingling Chen, the Marketing Specialist, “I still remember how we struggled until the last minute”.

“It was a very unique and enlightening experience for all of us, because it is a ‘cooperative competition’”, says Rajesh Chaudhary, the Strategy Specialist who is still excited about the wonderful experience. On the first day, functional experts from competing teams worked together to analyze individual cases and find solutions to problems raised in the cases.  On the second day, all experts worked with their own team members to find the optimal solution for all cases and prepare their consulting report, the sales pitch and the final presentation as well. On the third day, each team gave a 15-minute sale pitch intended to convince the judges that they completely understand the key issues and are able to find the best solutions. Teams from Simon School and Copenhagen Business School (Denmark) were chosen as the two best teams and gave a 30-minute final presentation followed by a 20-minute Q&A session.

“We really benefited from Simon’s quantitative education and its diverse student and faculty body”, says Lingling Chen, “the Marketing and Finance Specialists need to be very proficient in multivariate regression and time-series analysis, which we have already fully prepared during our classes and in our daily assignments. The quantitative training positioned me to analyze the trends behind large amounts of data and the diversity at Simon afforded me the opportunity to think about problems in multi-angles”.

March Scholarship Weekend Success

In late March, we hosted our second Scholarship Weekend event for the year. Scholarship Weekend is an opportunity for a select group of our admitted full-time candidates for MBA and MS admission to be invited to campus to compete for additional scholarships. Through this event, the Admissions Committee was able to make decisions about scholarship increases, named scholarships, and full-tuition fellowships, and living stipends. During the weekend in March, we had over 50 students participate by preparing for a team case competition as well as informal interviews with Simon alumni, students, faculty and staff.

As a recruitment team member within the Admissions Office, I was thrilled to be able to assist with this program. It was wonderful to interact with many of the prospective students I have been assisting through the b-school search process. The dynamic of Scholarship Weekend is unique in the sense that all students who participate have been already admitted, which relieves quite a bit of stress, but  it was also tremendously enthusiastic, not only about the opportunity to increase scholarship awards, but also because of the amazing friendships that were already being fostered among future classmates. Scholarship Weekend is the perfect blend of team-based work, advice from the Career Management Center, discussions with alumni and current students, tours of the Rochester community, lots of great food and laughter, and who could forget – very little sleep!

 Thank you to all who were involved in making the weekend an amazing success, including all who participated. We are thrilled to have so many of you joining the Simon School this fall. Prospective candidates considering Simon down the road – this incredible opportunity can be YOURS! Applying early to the Simon School (generally by our January application deadline) can qualify you to be considered for the Scholarship Weekend event. For more information and to learn about Simon Leadership Fellows who were granted their fellowships through Scholarship Weekend events in the past, please click here.