Simon Students From Many Corners of the World

By Lillian Testa  

The recruiting season is now in full swing and some of us on the Admissions staff are fortunate enough to travel to countries far and wide seeking the best talent out there for our future classes.  It’s easy to overlook how far some of our students come to study while they are here in the United States and what vastly different cultures they have left behind.

I just recently returned from travels to Asia with The MBA Tour.  The trip visited Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Taipei, Taiwan; and Beijing and Shanghai, China.  It’s amazing to see the differences between each culture and see the qualified and diverse qualities these candidates possess.   Visiting amazing landmarks such as The Great Wall and the Taipei 101 was just the tip of the iceberg for interesting and fun activities during this trip.

As one of the most internationally diverse graduate business programs in the top tier of business schools, one can really appreciate how far students travel just to attend Simon.  It’s also gratifying to see what a strong and passionate alumni network we have abroad.  In each of the cities I visited, there were numerous alumni willing to show their support for the Simon School and describe what a remarkable experience and education that Simon provides.

While some cultures were preparing for special festivals (such as in China with the Mid-Autumn Festival), all of the alumni mentioned how much they miss Rochester, the start of the new academic year and the beautiful Fall weather that we are  just now starting to experience back home.   

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