Proud Decision

The decision of whether or not I was going to attend business school was never a difficult one for me.  I just didn’t know which school I wanted to attend.  The business school decision process was a long, grueling and emotional one but my diligence definitely paid off.  After a few visits to Rochester and a lot of interaction with Simon faculty, staff and students, I knew that Simon was the right school for me.  Being a Consortium student ( was a fringe benefit and has also proved to be extremely instrumental in my success thus far.


All Consortium students are required to attend an Orientation Program where we attend workshops, network with other students and attend a career lab to network with companies.  I knew this was going to be an opportunity unlike any other so I took advantage and made sure I was on my "A" game.  My interviews with many companies resulted in a few offers for an Internship and I took the offer from Kraft Foods in a brand management position.  My summer in their Glenview, IL office was fantastic and translated into a full-time offer.  I started my second year of business school already with an employment offer and knew the year was going to be much more enjoyable as a result.


As graduation quickly approaches it forces me to reflect upon my time in Rochester and at Simon.  I know that I have been equipped with the knowledge, skills, and relationships necessary to be successful in any task or challenge that I take on.  I am truly going to miss my time as a student but am looking forward to wonderful new adventures that await me.


~Puja Kalra

MBA Candidate, Class of 2009
Simon Graduate School of Business
University of Rochester  |  917.686.9781

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