Pre-arrival to your arrival in Rochester on day 1 and thereon…The beginning of the best journey in life called the Simon MBA.

By Abhishek S. Dalvi – MBA Class of 2011 Candidate

So you finally got the much awaited acceptance from Simon School of Business and are now preparing to complete the next set of documentation formalities to get here. While you add every little brick in this process, that seems never-ending, you are in reality much closer to the great journey that Simon is set to offer you. While most students already living in the United States have an understanding of what it is like to study full-time, the international student community will have all the wild animals of anxiety running inside their bellies in anticipation of the things to be expected in the following months. But worry you must not! Because over the years the entire Simon team including the Admissions Office, International Services Office (ISO), Office for Residential Life & Housing Services, Career Management Center (CMC), Students Services and the Graduate Business Council (GBC) have worked hard to map the processes involved in enrolling every student at Simon, part-time, fulltime, MS and MBA.

From the first day when you arrive, the Admissions Office will be your first point of contact, where after recording your arrival details you will be guided to another important set of folks, working endlessly, at the ISO. Your job is nothing more than just to carry your passport and the Form I-20 to the ISO office. And as I mentioned earlier, the rest is all a defined process. At the ISO, every international student will go through the mandatory registrations required by the US government and it is this office that will help you, some days later, to know the procedure to obtain your Social Security Number (SSN) so you can file your taxes, get a post-paid phone connection and so on. Before you arrive in Rochester, you would have most likely contacted the Office for Residential Life & Housing Services and now know whether you will be living on-campus or off-campus. If not, this office will have regular updates to ensure you get housing close enough to campus.

You came here for a professional degree and most obviously need a “hot” job after graduation. The first office you will see after you enter the Simon school building from the front side is that of the CMC. This team is our best contact with the professional industry out there no matter which sector you wish to work for later. From making your resume the way US companies want to drafting your cover letters and scouring through multitudes of databases of employers across the world, the CMC will walk you through all of these critical tasks and make a thoroughbred business school professional out of you.

As classes begin, you will have the best opportunities to gain immense knowledge from the renowned faculty at Simon. Simultaneously, the Students Services office will keep you updated about the various guest lectures by industry professionals organized by it for the benefit of the Simon student community. Simon is one of the rarest schools, where the Dean invites you for a dinner at his residence. I don’t know of any of my friends in B-schools around the world who got a chance to interact so closely with the Dean within two months of arrival on campus.

Finally, to ensure that you are also a part of this long chain, the school has its student body called the GBC. This council has various branches, whether you are interested in a career in Finance, Consulting, General Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship or even sports, there is a club to keep you engaged all the time. Needless to say, you can be a part of multiple clubs at the same time. We reckon you will join more than one club and that you will manage your time well, because ultimately this school aims to prepare you to learn multi-tasking and timely execution of tasks.

When I joined Simon school, I did not know I would be capable of doing so many things, some sequential and most simultaneous. In less than eight months of coming to Simon in Rochester I have known that I am capable of doing much more than I thought was originally possible. It is true, someone once said, “Simon aims to bring out the best in you”. It does; it sure does. For me this is a big dream come true and a dream I wish never ends….

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