New Student Luncheons with the January Cohort

By: Crissi

This week the Simon School welcomed the new Accelerated M.B.A. students in the class for 2011.  Many new students arrived from around the world to join the Simon Community.  As a member of the Admissions Office, I had the distinct pleasure to share lunch with some of these new students and get to know them better.

The Career Management Center holds the FOCUS career planning program during new student orientation to jump start students in their career search before they even hit the classroom.  The FOCUS program holds professional luncheons throughout orientation to provide the students with an opportunity to practice their personal introductions and networking skills.

During one such lunch it dawned on me what a valuable experience it is to ‘practice’ attending professional luncheons.  This will inevitably become a part of any business persons’ schedule, and it is unusually challenging and at times awkward to be forced to introduce oneself to strangers.  This becomes more taxing when the goal is to leave a positive and lasting impression from a singular brief interaction.  Articulate and compelling introductions are of great value but are often given little thought or preparation prior to being thrown into one such situation.  I found these lunches were just as valuable an exercise for me as for the new students.  I would also like to note that a number of students were impressively confident and articulate; clearly they had practiced this skill in their life before Simon.

I am sure the professional luncheons provided as much ‘food for thought’ to the new students as it did for me.  For the new students, this is only the beginning as they can look forward to mock interviews and the like as they continue working with Simon’s Career Management Center.

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