It’s Never too Early to Think about Business School

By Dana

For some high school students, choosing what to wear or what to have for breakfast can be a difficult decision. Choosing a major for college, or career path can be even more daunting a task at the age of 17. However, there are the select few who know exactly what they want to do, and feel as though they have been on a certain academic and career path since a very young age.

Next week, we are gearing up to assist the Undergraduate Admissions Office at the University of Rochester in selecting current high school seniors who have already indicated an early interest in the field of business for admission to the Rochester Early Business Scholars program (REBS). REBS is a six-year B.A./B.S.-M.B.A. program for exceptional undergraduates who know early on that they are interested in pursuing a career in a business-related field. Individuals interested in the REBS program apply to both the University of Rochester undergraduate program and simultaneously indicate an interest in REBS by completing a supplemental application. Selected REBS students enter the University of Rochester with an assurance of admission into the Simon School upon successful completion of the bachelor’s degree and meeting REBS requirements. The program is designed to provide academic enrichment rather than acceleration in preparing you for a business education and career.
As Rochester undergraduates, REBS students enjoy:

  • M.B.A.-specific academic advisement
  • Access to M.B.A. student mentoring
  • Invitation to seminars, presentations and networking with academic and business leaders
  • Advisement on summer internship selections

We look forward to hosting these young scholars on our campus, and learning more about their plans for successful careers in the world if business!

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