From the South to Simon

 By Austin Greenwalt

Are you nervous about coming to Simon from a different part of the country, or even world?  Having grown up and lived in the South for my entire life, I expected quite a deal of culture shock when moving to Rochester.  Upon moving here, I realized that there are definitely differences between the two, but I’ve grown to truly enjoy Rochester.

I have always been a big sports enthusiast- both watching and playing.  Until recently, I thought that participating in outdoor sports was off-limits during the winter because of the snowfall.  Apparently, I just never thought of sports meant for the snow, such as cross country skiing.  Simon’s Winter Sports Club not only educates on outdoor sports for the winter, but also provides an active group of people to enjoy the outdoors with.  In addition, the University of Rochester has a state of the art indoor recreation center featuring full size tennis courts, an indoor soccer/lacrosse field, an indoor swimming pool, and other indoor recreation facilities.  If you’re more of a spectator, watching the Red Wings or Rochester Americans are some great ways to spend a weekend night.  I was glad to learn that snowfall wouldn’t inhibit my love for sports.   

Another pressing issue that concerned me was leaving some of my favorite restaurants and food styles behind.  After just living here for a couple weeks, I was amazed by the selection of food in Rochester- from the international cuisines to restaurants with wings that rival the best in the world.  Rochester definitely gives enough variety to satisfy just about any palette.  After dinner the city also offers a great selection of nightlife venues.  Murphy’s Law is a favorite place to grab a beer, or right across the street from Murphy’s are some great clubs if you’re more into dancing.  Trust me when I say that Rochester’s wining and dining options should suit any personality. 

The move to upstate New York was intimidating at first, but after a few days of settling in, I found that Rochester is a friendly city that makes it easy for a smooth transition.  I came with many expectations (even some negative ones), but I’ve found Rochester to be a very enjoyable experience.

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