Empowering Women at Simon

The following blog post was written by Tori Vossler, MBA Class of 2019

In early November, Simon hosted its 3rd Annual Women’s Conference. The conference included 13 speakers, 150+ attendees, and 7 sessions, and it left me with three key takeaways:

tori11. Advocate for yourself.
The best person who can promote you is yourself. When meeting with leaders, take the time to share your accomplishments and progress. Leaders want and need to know what you are interestin pursuing so they can help identify opportunities for you.

2. Identify mentors (female and male).
In order to achieve parity in the workforce, we need to include men in conversations on the topic. When identifying mentors, consider having a male ally in your personal board of advisors. The key to achieving a level of leadership relies on the support from your career sponsors.

3. Embrace all opportunities.
Exposure matters. It is important to be included in the crucial conversations and impactful projects in front of leadership. When you advocate for yourself and find your personal board of advisors, opportunities will arise. Embrace them, and let them empower your career.

Beyond my learnings from Women’s Conference, I’m a Forté Foundation Fellow and president of Simon Women in Business (SWiB), so I would be remiss if I didn’t use this opportunity to share a bit more about what it’s like to be a woman at Simon.

Simon has incredible resources and groups dedicated for women. As the below numbers and rankings show, we are proud of how deep our diversity penetrates.

       No. 13 top MBA for women in the US (Financial Times, 2018)

       No. 1 in the US for women closing the pay gap versus their male counterparts (Financial Times, 2018)

       50% of student club leaders are women

A group shot from the Women in Finance panel in October.

A shot from the Women in Finance panel in October.

SWiB is an organization for personal and professional development, and the club hosts monthly events for all students. Here are some SWiB event highlights from this past semester:

  • Women in Finance panel
  • Movie night gathering to watch RBG
  • Shopping night at Ann Taylor
  • Fall social with Simon Women’s Alliance
  • Coffee chat on parental leave

In addition to the resources available for women at Simon, the Forté Foundation provides scholarship opportunities to women pursuing business degrees. As a Forté Fellow, I am able to access job opportunities, connections, and webinars through the Forté portal. My favorite part of my Forté involvement was attending the 2017 MBA Women’s Leadership Conference in Seattle with all of my fellow Simon Forté Fellows.

I’m passionate about empowering future women business leaders, so Simon was a great fit for me. If you have additional questions about the Simon community and what it’s like to be a woman in business school, please reach out to SWiB—we would love to hear from you!

Best of luck to you on your business school journey!

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