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A Week-by-Week Guide to Applying to Simon

We know getting ready to apply to business school can be hectic. There’s a lot to do, and while you’re writing essays and collecting transcripts, you’re also juggling professional and personal commitments. To simplify the process a bit, below you’ll find what you need to do each week to complete your application by our next full-time application deadline on February 15. 

This week (Week of January 12):

  • Prepare to submit your standardized test scores electronically through our online application:
    • – When submitting GMAT scores, use the “Official Test Taker Copy”
    • – When submitting GRE or TOEFL scores, use the “Examinee Score Report”
    • – When submitting Executive Assessment scores (MBA only), use the “Official Test Taker Copy”
    • – When submitting IELTS scores, use the “Test Report Form”
  • If you are an MS applicant, consider scheduling an InitialView interview. InitialView provides you with the unique opportunity to enhance your application by including an unscripted interview and a writing sample with your application. This adds an additional dimension to your candidacy and ultimately provides the following benefits: 
    • A guaranteed opportunity to showcase your English language skills.
      As you may know, admissions interviews at Simon are conducted by invitation only. By providing us with an InitialView interview, you are guaranteeing that the Admissions Committee will assess your skills during the application review process, rather than waiting for an invitation to interview.
    • Potential to waive your admissions interview.
      Depending on the strength of your InitialView interview, the Admissions Committee may extend you the courtesy of waiving your formal admissions interview; we have admitted candidates based solely on the strength of their application and InitialView submission.

Week of January 19:

  • Write your essays. Stick to the word limit and be sure to answer the question being asked. Also, don’t forget to use the optional essay to explain anything you don’t want the Admissions Committee to make assumptions about, such as employment gaps or a difficult academic period.
  • Collect your academic transcripts for undergraduate and graduate study as well as from any transfer institutions.
  • Attend our “Financial Aid Prep” webinar on Tuesday, January 21, at 9:00 a.m. EST for an overview of the financial aid process and options available to students.
  • Attend our “Q&A with MBA Alumni” webinar on Saturday, January 25, at 11:15 a.m. EST. 

Week of January 26:

  • Update your résumé. We require a business formatted résumé and recommend it be no longer than two pages. Focus on quantifying your accomplishments and keep the formatting clean and easy to read.
  • Attend our “Round 3 Application Tips” webinar on Wednesday, January 29, at 9:00 a.m. EST. 
  • Keep in mind: If you apply early—by 11:59 p.m. EST on Saturday, February, 1—your application fee is waived! (Look ahead to the weeks of February 2 and February 9 to be sure you complete those steps before applying!)

Week of February 2:

  • Select who you will list as your references. Professional references are recommended, but if you have limited work experience, you may prefer to choose a professor who is familiar with your passions and work ethic.
  • Review the MBA or MS application checklist to make sure you’ve gathered all the required elements of the application and are ready to hit submit.

Week of February 9:

  • Proofread all of your materials. In fact, have a friend or family member proofread your résumé and essays with fresh eyes.
  • When you’re ready, submit your application. We encourage you to not wait until the final hours of February 15 to ensure everything is submitted on time.

As always, if you have any questions about the application process, your candidacy, or Simon in general, please email us at Best of luck as you continue to work on your application!

New on the Podcast: MS Admissions Ambassador Roundtable

podcast_MS AAsJoin Trista Kukucka, assistant director of admissions, for a chat with four current MS students about all things Simon: favorite classes, club involvement, where to live in Rochester, advice for prospective students, and more!

Panelists include (left to right):
Tuan Ngo, MS in Finance Class of 2020
Shirley Zheng, MS in Accountancy Class of 2020
Hector Abreu, MS in Marketing Analytics Class of 2020
Luke Bamburoski, MS in Business Analytics Class of 2020

We invite you to reach out to our students if you have more questions about life as a Simon MS student, but please note that response times may be a bit longer than usual as our students are on Winter Break until mid-January.

Check out past episodes of Simon Bizcast on our website, and stay up to date on new episodes by subscribing: search for “Simon Bizcast” in iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify.

Happy listening!

Advice from the Assistant Dean: Prepare to Submit Your Round 2 Application

The following blog post was written by Rebekah Lewin, assistant dean of admissions and financial aid

Rebekah.LewinAs of today, we are one month away from our second round application deadline. It’s an exciting time for us on the admissions team, as this deadline typically has a major impact on shaping our enrolling MBA and MS cohorts. Here are some tips to help you as you prepare your application:

Be yourself and use your essays, résumé, and other qualitative components to help us understand why you are a great fit for Simon (and why Simon is a great fit for you)! This can be an important distinguishing factor that will help you stand out among candidates who may have a similar academic or work profile to you. 


Engage with the Admissions Committee. Join a webinar (or two), meet us at an off-campus recruiting event, or signal your interest in coming to Rochester by registering for an Experience Simon Weekend MBA event. This is a fantastic opportunity for face-time with the admissions team, but these events also often include current students, alumni, and other Simon staff who will help you learn more about the program and the student experience to ultimately confirm “fit.”

So, if you are considering graduate business study beginning in 2020, I strongly encourage you to take the necessary steps to prepare your application and put your best foot forward to the Admissions Committee. Now is a great time to be at Simon. Consider the following:

  • We were named the MBA Program of the Year by Poets & Quants for 2018
  • Our MBA and MS programs are STEM designated—sending a signal of quality to potential employers of the academic rigor and analytic skills that you develop during your study
  • Our MBA program is ranked No. 29 overall and No. 4 for learning by Bloomberg Businessweek, and with faculty who teach across all of our master’s programs—and many student activities that are offered to both MBA and MS students—all of our graduate students benefit
  • Our MS in Finance Program is ranked No. 5 in the US by the Financial Times
  • Our curriculum and co-curricular activities all center around enhancing the career outcomes for our graduate students—this includes international immersions, career treks, and experiential learning activities that build your résumé and provide enhanced learning outside the classroom

We look forward to providing advice and assistance as you work through the application process.  Feel free to reach out with your questions to Good luck, and we hope to review your application soon!

Speak with a Current MS Student!

If you’re interested in one of Simon’s four full-time specialized master’s programs—Accountancy, Business Analytics, Finance, and Marketing Analytics—we encourage you to reach out to our current students. Finding a program that can support your professional and personal goals is one of the keys to thriving in business school, and no matter where you are in the admissions process, speaking to a student is one of the best ways to assess fit.

If you’re curious about the work load, benefits of STEM designation, internship track, career search, or even something as simple as where to find the best food on campus, feel free to email any one of our students—they are eager to connect with you!

Luke.Bamburoski '20 (MSBA)
Luke Bamburoski ’20

MS in Business Analytics
From: Rochester, NY
Post-MS plans: Pursue a position in health care analytics
Favorite thing about Simon: My favorite thing about Simon is our collaborative culture.
Simon clubs: Simon Vision Consulting, Simon Volunteers



Tuan.Ngo '20 (MSF)
Tuan Ngo ’20
MS in Finance
From: Hanoi, Vietnam
Post-MS plans: Investment banking analyst 
Favorite thing about Simon: I am impressed by how much the school cares about students’ career outcomes. There are so many networking opportunities for professional development, and the workshops with Wall Street Prep and Training The Street are awesome! 
Simon clubs: Simon Finance & Investment Club, Simon VISION Consulting


Hector.Abreu '20 (MSMA)

Hector Misael Abreu ’20
MS in Marketing Analytics
From: Harlem – New York, New York
Post-MS plans: Analytics role within the tech industry
Favorite thing about Simon: Due to how small Simon is in comparison to other B-schools, I feel that it creates an environment where we can truly connect with other members and as a result, explore our interests with greater detail.
Simon club: Simon Marketing Association


Shirley.Zheng '20 (MSA)Shirley Zheng ’20
MS in Accountancy

From: New York, New York
Post-MS plans: Take the CPA, public accounting with tax focus
Favorite thing about Simon: Mentality of Simon is much different; everyone wants you to succeed, but you have to make it your goal to do well.
Simon club: Simon Consulting Club, UNCorked


These are just some of our MS students who regularly communicate with prospective students—reach out to them for answers to all your b-school questions.

We wish you all the best as you prepare for your master’s degree!