BusinessWeek 2008 Rankings and Next Steps

By: Rebekah

The November 24th issue of BusinessWeek included the annual survey results for B-schools.  It was very disappointing that the Simon School was not included among the top 30 U.S. M.B.A. programs – as we were 28th in 2006 and 29th in 2004.   We were listed alphabetically among 2nd tier schools (only those within the top 30 are actually ranked).  The silver lining – we were rated 1st among private schools and 4th among U.S. B-schools for "Return on Investment" – showing a strong value for the Simon M.B.A. degree.

As a B-school that has historically been included as a top-tier M.B.A. program by such rankings as the Financial Times of London and U.S. News and World Report, the news has brought the Simon community together to try and identify areas of concern and potential recommendations.  Even though rankings fluctuate on ever changing criteria that is unique to each survey, Simon is taking the following next steps:

  • A task force will be assembled to assess current student satisfaction
  • A second task force will review corporate recruiter satisfaction 
  • Recommendations on each task force will be forthcoming in early 2009 for review and implementation

While our School has not changed, we recognize the importance of the rankings to prospective students, current students, alumni, and corporate recruiters and remain steadfast in our desire to play at the highest levels among the nation's top business schools.

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