Unlocking Opportunities at Google – Treadwell Singfield, 2018 MBA Candidate

“Are you sitting down, or standing up?”

When he received the call from Google offering him a summer internship, Treadwell Singfield, 2018 MBA candidate, recalls the moment was exciting, nerve-wracking, and intense. But there was one thing he knew for sure: he made the right choice to pursue a Simon MBA.

As someone who had his sights set on the tech industry, Treadwell knew he could easily advance within a company if he had the right combination of skills and understanding of cross-functional roles. At Simon, Treadwell discovered that the School’s emphasis on analytics allows him to take a deep dive beneath frameworks to identify problems and assess if the correct mix of factors are in play to resolve them. As he puts it, “I’ve only been at Simon for a few months, but it definitely changes the way you think.”


Where will a Simon MBA take you? Apply now.

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