Understanding the Simon Waitlist

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It's that time of the year when the Simon Admissions committee is busy reviewing applications and releasing decisions.  One of the "mysteries" in the world of B-School Admissions is how the wait list is used.  It varies by school, but here's how it works at Simon, and more importantly what you can do if you find yourself on the waiting list.

First, follow the instructions of the admissions committee.  Simon requires wait listed candidates to verify they are active on the waiting list through a confirmation e-mail within 10 days following our decision to admissions@simon.rochester.edu.

Second, provide updates to your status – this could be an updated resume, additional letter of recommendation, a new and improved test score, or essay providing new information about you.  We don't provide individual feedback to wait listed candidates so the above includes all of the types of items you might consider when choosing what to send us. Be sure that additional information is pertinent to your B-school application.  Pictures, information about hobbies or family members, etc. may be interesting, but if it is not relevant to our decision making process then it should not be included.

Third, be patient.  Contacting the office every week or two for an update on your wait list status goes beyond a demonstration of your interest in Simon.  You need to remind us of your commitment to Simon and then remember that review of the waiting list is not immediate.

A little more on our process.  If you are wait listed, you will not receive a numerical rank – Simon doesn't use this as there is constant fluctuation with new candidates added to the waiting list and others who indicate they do not wish to remain on it.  We review the entire wait list as a batch and any updates from Simon will be communicated initially by e-mail to reconfirm your interest and then formal decisions are posted through the online application system.  Remember we are eager to enroll the best possible incoming class and we typically have a portion of these students who enroll from our waiting list, so be positive if you have a wait list status.

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