Time to Re-Charge

By: Greg MacDonald, Executive Director of Admissions

While the holiday season generally brings an opportunity to spend some more relaxed time with friends and family, in the world of admissions work it also marks the conclusion of the fall recruiting season.  Many of us have logged thousands of miles since mid-September meeting with prospective students at a variety of outreach events.  Now is the time where we can put away the suitcases, reconnect with our families and co-workers, and settle into the process of reviewing admission applications.  After what seems like an endless routine of airports, rental cars, and hotels, being at home for an extended period is a treat.

From the candidate’s perspective, this also marks the time when the applications are pushed off your desk, and onto our desk’s.  Or perhaps I should say from your PC to our PC’s?  In a sense, the process is now out of your hands, and can be cause for some distress as you await final admission decisions.  My advice is to use this time to re-charge your batteries, and get the rest you need to resume your graduate school decision making process as the offers roll in.  Soon enough, you’ll be back in charge of the process, evaluating perhaps multiple admission offers, and deciding what is the best fit for your needs.

In other words, hang in there.  The admissions finish line is in sight.

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