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The Last Leg @ Simon

By: Nidhi, MBA Candidate, Class of 2009

Time flies. We all know this, but we still manage to be taken completely unaware. I find it hard to believe that my time at Simon has practically come to an end; I graduate on June 14.

Just like any other phase in life, I find this to be a phase I am already looking back on with smiles and tears, pride and few moments of regret. I realize the advice I share with prospective and first year students is the same I received when I first came to Simon.  Nonetheless, I will pass along some of my insights here.

Don’t come with preconceived notions about what an MBA program entails – other than a LOT of hard work! Be mentally prepared for that and enjoy the bends in the road. Go with them. The past two years have taught me an amazing amount, not just the finer understanding of hard-to-grasp business concepts but nuances of strong and effective leadership. The best part of it all is I can apply a lot of my learning here to my own life beyond the workplace.

The last two quarters at Simon are imprinted in my memory of colleagues trying to learn all that they could and get to better know their classmates and professors. This is not just to network; social events of all kinds are common.  There is always an excuse to throw or attend a party! In these experiences, I have seen first-hand the advantages and disadvantages of attending a small school, and believe you me, the pros far outweigh the cons. In today’s uncertain and depressing times, it is the close knit community and intimacy that keeps us hopeful. Lifelong bonds are formed not just with your classmates but also with professors and the DEAN! Can you find that anywhere else? People all around me have been motivating each other in the classroom and job search; this support fosters a feeling that you are not alone. I could go on and on about the amazing sense of community at Simon.

I am feeling all misty eyed but the crux of it is that, no matter where you do your MBA from, the end of it is an intense feeling. Graduating from a small school, one as intimate as Simon, I believe makes saying "good-bye" overwhelmingly harder.

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