The Great Balancing Act: Academics, Career Search/Networking, and Campus Life

By: Dana

On Monday, April 2nd, the Simon School Admissions Office hosted another successful Open House event on-campus!  This time, I had the opportunity to moderate a current student and alumni panel.  One of the questions that generated a lot of discussion amongst our panelists and audience was in regards to the work (study)/life balance of a b-school student.

The life of a graduate business student can be quite busy- after all, you are balancing academic course work, team work outside of class, and the full-time search for job placement or internships.  With limited hours in the day, it is very important to fine tune your time management skills and maintain realistic expectations about how you plan to accomplish everything while still fitting in time for clubs, networking, and of course a few hours of sleep here and there!  As one of our alumni noted, this will take some time to get used to in the beginning, but you’ll find that it gets easier as you go.  While the first quarter will be an adjustment, by the second and third quarters of study you, “find your groove” so to speak, and will have a much better sense of what your personal limitations are in the great balancing act.  Of course, having Friday’s free from classes helps to build in time for the networking and career search that our students will focus on during their study at Simon.

In addition to the academics and career search, another exciting and important aspect of b-school is the extracurricular component.  There are many clubs, guest lecture series events, networking opportunities, and social functions for our students to take part in.  These opportunities cater not only to your academic pursuits, but also your career ambitions, and even social and athletic interests! With clubs that range in everything from portfolio management (Simon Meliora Fund), to dance (Simon Dance Club), to soccer (Simon Soccer Club) to wine-tasting (Simon Uncorked) there is certainly no shortage of opportunities to get involved.  In addition to clubs, Simon students keep busy by attending our on-campus guest lecture series events. The Frederick Kalmbach Executive Lecture Series (sponsored by the Simon School through a gift from the Frederick Kalmbach Foundation and managed by the Student Services Office), offers students and opportunity to hear from senior corporate executives from around the world as they come to Simon to lecture on current issues in management. The Max Farash Luncheon Series (underwritten by a contribution from the late Max Farash, Chairman of The Farash Corporation) are informal, interactive luncheon lectures featuring prominent speakers from the alumni and business communities.  And finally, the Sands Leadership Lecture Series, founded by Richard Sands, chairman of Constellation Brands, is one built on the premise that leaders emerge from all fields (government, business, education, not for profits).  Interested in studying abroad?  The Simon School also offers International Exchange Programs to provide experience abroad to students anticipating careers with an international focus.  

There is much to gain from your b-school education: a solid foundation of business knowledge, a network for your career search and resources to assist in reaching your professional goals, as well as a vast array of opportunities for leadership and extracurricular involvement.  So how do you do it all? According to our panel of current student and alumni experts, the key to making the most of your experience all comes down to time management.

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