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Simon School Popularity on BusinessWeek Specialty Rankings

Aerial photo of the Simon School located on the University of Rochester River Campus

By Lilly

There are many factors that students consider while determining “which is the right b-school for me?”  The cost.  The location.  The reputation of faculty.  Placement statistics and post-graduation compensation.  Study abroad opportunities.  The demographic mix of the student body.  The list goes on…

There are also many intangibles that need to be considered: the culture and atmosphere of the program, the size of the student body that thereby affects how much one-to-one time a student has with professors, whether students must use the team model and collaborate or are intensely competitive, et cetera.

For a number of students, ranking matrices alone are used to decide the number and nature of schools they wish to target in the application cycle.  Recently, Bloomberg BusinessWeek offered a unique perspective on what students should look for in the MBA and proposed that students look at the specialty offerings and rankings of a program.  The Simon School was one of the top competitors on the list; we ranked in the top 10 in five specialty areas:

  • 3rd in Accounting
  • 3rd in Teamwork
  • 5th in Analytical Skills
  • 6th in Operations
  • 8th in Most Innovative Curriculum

Simon also ranked 13th in Finance and 16th in Global Competition, while only five schools placed more frequently in the top 10 to Simon in the ranked categories.  Knowing that business is now global and highly competitive, we’re quite proud to be ranked so highly in teamwork, analytical skills, innovative curriculum and global competition.  Each of these areas are relevant, and honestly, crucial for success and development in today’s business marketplace.

However, these rankings are from just one journal.  The Financial Times ranked Simon as 24th among US business schools, 5th among finance programs and 6th for accountancy in January 2010.  The US News & World Report ranked Simon as 27th among the top 50 business schools and 13th for finance in April 2010.

Regardless of what encourages you to apply and ultimately matriculate, I encourage you to explore all options available in the hugely competitive MBA market.  Keep in mind that rankings change year to year, but being certain through diligent online research, campus visits, and more candid conversations with Admission staff, students and alumni is the best way to really grasp the quality and strength of a program. 

 For more information on our current and historical rankings, please visit  http://www.simon.rochester.edu/about-simon/rankings-and-other-distinctions/index.aspx

A New Simon Degree comes to New York City

By: Crisandra Harrison

Before launching into the details of this exciting new program of study, I think it is important to acknowledge where the idea came from: Simon students.  Simon students are passionate and creative, often coming up with great suggestions to better the Simon School as they go through their student experience.  These students graduate and become amazing business leaders.  However, while their creative minds are in the halls of Simon, we strive to learn as much as we can about their ideas and experiences. 

Dean Mark Zupan teaches a class called ‘Meliora,’ the University of Rochester’s motto meaning ‘ever better.’  Students who enroll learn about the administration of the Simon School.  The culminating project is presenting a proposal for an initiative to better the Simon School.  The winning team – as chosen by the Dean, faculty and alumni – receives a cash prize and capital to invest into bringing their project to fruition.  In 2009, a team of MBA students in the Meliora class recommended bringing a MS Finance degree program to New York City.  They won the competition and now Simon is proud to introduce a new 13-month part-time program designed for working professionals in early March 2011.

Why a MS in Finance? Simon has always had strength in the area of finance.  The rankings prove it: #5 in the world for finance according to the Financial Times of London in January 2010; #13 in finance according to U.S. News and World Report in May 2010; and overall #4 in the U.S. for return on investment in Business Week in October 2008. Additionally, there has been significant growth in popularity of specialized master’s programs in the U.S. over the past several years.

Why in New York City?  New York City is home to more than 3,000 members of the Simon alumni community.  With Simon’s strength in finance and our analytic, economics-based approach to management education, this new program will be a great fit for working professionals seeking an advanced degree in the world’s financial capital.

Key Program Details:

  • Ten courses conducted on alternate weekends in midtown Manhattan, including the world-renowned faculty from your Simon experience;
  • Two courses held in residency weeks at our Rochester campus and in Europe;
  • A convenient schedule that allows participants to maintain their professional commitments while gaining a world-class education and developing a network of peers from the Tri-State region; and
  • The opportunity to apply all MS credits earned toward a Simon MBA with an additional year of study in Rochester.
  • Click here to view the Simon MS Finance in NYC Brochure

To learn more about this new program, visit: www.simon.rochester.edu/msfnyc.  Manhattan information receptions will be held on November 9 and December 14, or our offices can be contacted directly at msfnyc@simon.rochester.edu to learn more.

Simon School ranked #27 in US News

The 2010 U.S. News & World Report rankings on the top business schools released earlier this week placed Simon at #27.  This is the 20th time that the Simon School has been ranked in the top tier of b-schools since the survey’s inception in 1990.

Aerial photo of the Simon School located on the University of Rochester River Campus“The Simon School has long been regarded as one of the finest business schools in the world, particularly on account of its small size that allows us to offer an integrated and highly personalized approach to management research and education (Simon is the smallest private school in the top tier); analytic, economics-based scholarship and teaching; and role in

promoting a better understanding of how markets and entrepreneurship create value and better society. It is indeed gratifying that Simon is once again ranked among the premier business schools in the world by U.S. News & World Report,” says Dean Mark Zupan.

Visit the U.S. News & World Report website to view a summary of the Simon School and to also view the complete rankings.

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