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New Faculty Members Join the Simon Community

I’m pleased to share with you that we have hired three distinguished scholars to join our world-class faculty as assistant professors of business administration.

Erin Smith is expected to earn her doctorate in Finance from the Stern School of Business in 2013. In her dissertation titled “Do Shareholders Want Less Governance,” Erin uses a novel instrumental variable of over-voting in passing anti-takeover provisions to estimate that anti-takeover provisions increase firm value rather than reduce as was previously theorized. She has been awarded the “Best Finance PhD Dissertation in Honor of Stuart Greenbaum” by Washington University in St. Louis. She will be visiting the Securities and Exchange Commission for most of the next academic year and will join us full time in Fall 2014. Erin earned a BA in Engineering and Economics from Dartmouth College.

Garrett Johnson combines marketing and cutting edge econometric techniques in his dissertation“The Impact of Privacy Policy on the Auction Market for Online Display Advertising.” He will finish his doctoral studies in Economics at Northwestern University this summer and will join the faculty in our Marketing department. In his innovative study, Garrett imputes the cost of privacy to advertisers by analyzing the bids for display ads. Hefinds that the website publisher’s revenue decreases by six percent under an opt-out policy, by 56 percent under an opt-in policy, and by 62 percent under a tracking ban. Garrett will be teaching courses in advertising and Internet marketing next academic year. He holds a BA in Economics from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Jaewoo Kim will be receiving his doctoral degree from the University of Iowa this summer. In his dissertation “Asymmetric Timely Loss Recognition, Private Debt Markets, and Underinvestment,” Jaewoo studies the collapse of the junk bond market and finds the firms that were timelier in loss recognition had better access to debt markets. Jaewoo is also working on papers on merger-related accounting manipulation and the importance of CEO career concerns and external governance. He earned an MBA from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and a BA in Economics from Korea University.

Targeting a Spring Application Deadline – Tips for Success

We get many questions from spring applicants wondering if it’s “too late” to apply or worrying about coming in after several rounds of applications are under review.  Many express concern that some of our spots are already reserved and wonder how competitive it will be for remaining spots.  Don’t worry – if you are a top candidate, you will be competitive, regardless of which application cycle you target.  Try not to over-think the situation as most top schools operate a waiting list to save some spaces for top candidates across each application round.  The Simon School also offers scholarship consideration across all of our application rounds, which is a huge benefit.  A few tips to keep in mind to help you put your best foot forward in the application process:

• Regardless of your reason(s) for applying in the spring, you should be confident and put your best foot forward in all of your application requirements – show how you expect to be an asset to your target school as a student and future alum.

• Be thorough in researching your target B-school and express clearly why you are a “good fit” for the program.  Typically the essay and interview components are good opportunities to express this to the Admissions committee.

• The Simon Admissions Committee will not ask you to address “why” you are applying during the spring.  It’s your decision on if/when to provide this information to us. • There will be little time to retake test scores or update items in your application after submission, so make sure you are really satisfied with your application items before submitting them for review.

• The interview timeline will likely be compressed given the time of year so be prepared to quickly respond if/when an offer is extended.

• Similarly, if admitted, the timeline for your response to our offer will likely be 3 weeks or possibly even less, depending on how late in the year you are admitted.  Make sure you ask critical questions up front, so that you are prepared to commit and enroll if you are admitted!

Each year, we admit some great students in the spring and we look forward to seeing you apply this year! Final application deadlines are as follows and rolling admission occurs in between the deadlines

March 15, 2013 – Final deadline for International candidates and 1-year MBA candidates

May 15, 2013 – Final deadline for Domestic 2-year MBA and MS candidates

To finalize your Simon School application: www.simon.rochester.edu/applynow

Rebekah Lewin
Executive Director of Admissions & Administration

Simon expands opportunities for Field Project experiences for MBA students

Simon has recently developed new partnerships with public and private companies to create a distinctive opportunity for our MBA students through Simon Field Projects. These assignments are 3-5 month consulting projects that allow our students the opportunity to apply classroom skills in a real-world setting while strengthening their professional resume. Teams will conduct research, develop recommendations, and propose an implementation plan. There may also be opportunities for the teams to work with the company on implementation of their suggestions.

The Field Project teams will include first-year MBA students acting as consultants who will provide recommendations to clients on a defined business situation. Each team will also have an experienced second-year MBA acting as the Project Manager and an assigned faculty advisor.  This year, Simon Field Projects span a variety of fields and industries, including finance, consulting and entrepreneurship.

Interested in learning more about the Simon student experience?  Post a question or connect with me over e-mail: Rebekah.Lewin@simon.rochester.edu and we can get you connected to a current student.

Rebekah Lewin
Executive Director of Admissions & Administration


What happens if you are put on the Waiting List?

As admissions decisions are starting to roll out this winter, there are a group of applicants that will ultimately be given the opportunity to accept a spot on the “wait list” at Simon.  If you find yourself in this situation, here are some TIPS to keep in mind:

• Keep positive – if you are on the waiting list, there are aspects of your candidacy that the Admissions committee considers favorable.  Each year, we do admit some candidates from the waiting list, so there still may be an option for you to get in this year.

• Be introspective – are there areas of your candidacy that might be holding you back from getting the “admit”?  If so, what can you do to improve your applicant profile?

• Provide a timely update – if something has substantially changed, let us know.  This might be a promotion at work, additional coursework taken with grade outcomes, new test score, or additional internship that you landed.  Whatever the case, make sure the Committee has the most updated information about you.

• Be patient – as tempting as it is, please do not provide multiple updates or numerous email contacts to the Admissions committee requesting feedback.  We promise – as soon as we have an update – we will let you know.  It is truly in our best interest to let you know in a timely fashion of the answer, as we will be doing our best to update you as soon as we know whether there is an opportunity for you to enroll.

• Consider your back-up plan – I firmly believe that the best thing you can do is to give yourself options.  If you don’t get into Simon this year, what would you do instead?  Continue to work in your current role and gain additional seasoning and relevant experience and work to reapply next year?  Secure employment in another company or within your company in a different role?  Consider other graduate B-school options?  Talk to a trusted mentor and/or your family and figure out what options are your “next best” alternative.

While we have many well-qualified applicants who may receive an immediate admission offer, the waiting list doesn’t have to be a negative – it may just be a delay in the decision or outcome.  I encourage you to use the time to figure out next steps and consider some important decisions as you plan for your future.

Have questions about the waiting list?  Post a question on the Admissions Blog or email me:

Rebekah Lewin,
Executive Director of Admissions & Administration