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Greeting from the Simon Asian Club!

By: Bonnie Liu

Hi everyone, hope everything is going well! It’s been a long time since my last post. The fall quarter of my second year has been super busy, but I really enjoy it because to challenge myself is an important part of my MBA life. Today I am writing this blog not only as a Simon Ambassador, but also as a representative from the Simon Asian Club introducing our club to you.

Diversity is a key feature of the Simon Community since students and faculty from different countries all over the world make up Simon’s unique international environment and close atmosphere. Simon Asian Club is one of the active contributors to Simon’s diversity, especially in promoting and introducing Asian Culture and improving multilateral understanding.

The Simon Asian Club focuses on introducing Asian Culture to all Simon community members and providing a unique cultural experience. The annual Asian Trip is our club’s most important event. During the past several years, we have organized an Asian Trip to countries including Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, etc. Besides the cultural experience, we also offered corporate visits to top global companies during the trip, which provided fresh business experience and networking opportunities to Simon Students. Some participants even got job opportunities throughout the trip! All the past participants were extremely satisfied with the trip and endorsed our trip as being one of the most precious experiences at Simon, and this is indeed how we realized that our club’s target is to provide more eye-opening experiences to students.

With the holiday season approaching, guess what makes me most excited? Our Asian Trip group this year is going to Tokyo, Japan! I am so looking forward to this trip since we are going to enjoy our Christmas and New Year during the trip. I just cannot help imagining how much fun it will be during our Christmas Eve Karaoke party or the New Year countdown cruise! The 10 day trip includes visits to many landmarks in Tokyo, all kinds of cultural experience and food tasting, as well as corporate visits to 8 top international companies. I am sure that all the participants will have a great experience there!

So it’s time for me to fight through my final exams and pack for my coming trip. May all of you have a great Christmas holiday and a happy New Year! Please stay tuned for a future update after the trip; I’ll see you in the New Year!

P.S. For all the prospective students, please don’t forget to submit your application as early as possible before enjoying your holiday season!

Bonnie Liu (he.liu@simon.rochester.edu)


Persistence, a Strike of Luck (2 Actually), and My Dream Internship

By Hitesh Nathani
M.B.A Candidate, Class of 2011

Everyone knows well enough that networking and active participation in clubs help in interviews. If you have ever wondered how exactly does it help, read my story…

The end of the second quarter is considered by many as the most hectic time at the Simon School – with seemingly infinite assignments and projects suddenly becoming due in the final two weeks. It was right then when I got my first interview call from Rio Tinto. While I had been networking for literally every company that I had applied to, for some reason, I had not networked with anybody from Rio Tinto. A quick search through the alumni database gave me two names – the CFO and a financial associate, who had joined just recently. I decided to speak to the latter, even though she was in a totally different department. I was applying for the position of a Business Improvement Consultant, whereas she was in Corporate Finance.

Because her profile was so dissimilar from mine, the conversation was mainly about general topics like work culture. She explained to me a culture of safety sharing that was followed at every meeting and was taken very seriously at Rio Tinto.

On the interview day, the interviewer mentioned that before he began the interview, he would like to tell me about their safety sharing culture. When I mentioned that I actually already knew about it, he was awed, because none of this is mentioned on the internet. The interview started on a positive note, and everything went uphill from there.

I received the second round interview call in less than 24 hours – this time with the CFO himself. He is an alumnus of the Class of 1991 and didn’t know about the club mentioned in my résumé (for which I am the President) – Simon United (which was formed just a few years ago). Understandably, his first question was – ‘What is this Simon United?’ to which the shortened version of my response was somewhat like ‘Simon United is a cultural club at the Simon School that holds one of the biggest quarterly events at Simon – Broaden Your Horizons (BYH).” During our first quarter, along with my friends, I was given the opportunity to represent my home country, India, in front of an audience of over 150 people. I also did a dance performance. I think diversity is the heart of the Simon School, and was thus motivated to lead the club’. I had prepared all sorts of behavioral questions but not this one. This was spontaneous but passionate. Looking retrospectively, it showed that I embrace diversity (similar to the Rio Tinto culture), it showed that I can communicate in front of a large audience, and it showed my leadership skills. I think the CFO got all his answers from this one example. He had made up his mind – the rest of the interview was just to confirm it. I did go to Denver this summer to pursue my internship, and am raring to go.

The above is just one of the many advantages of networking and participating in extra-curricular’s. I have learned many more lessons through networking that I will probably share with you in my future blogs!