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Simon’s Student Managed Meliora Fund

By: Jonathan Markowicz

The past few months I’ve fielded many questions from prospective and admitted students regarding the Meliora Fund, Simon’s student managed investment portfolio. I hope the following information will provide some insight into how the Fund operates.

The Fund has an executive committee that is comprised of five 2nd year managers serving in the roles of CEO, CFO, Portfolio Manager, Risk Manager, and Relationship Manager. We are also adding six 1st year positions on the executive committee in a junior associate capacity. We have also forged a relationship with Simon’s Market TIMER club which will focus exclusively on researching the industries and companies included in the portfolio.

In terms of philosophy, we are sticking to U.S. securities in the Fund. We limit ourselves because the tempo of the MBA program is very demanding and the turnover-rate of MBAs managing the Fund is, at most, every 2 years. Accordingly, it is easier to manage the Fund, given our busy lives as students, if we stick to a fundamental approach. Securities will be selected from the S&P Midcap 400 Growth Index.

The last part I’d like to mention are the activities we offer outside fund management. We will be offering numerous opportunities throughout the year to help classmates develop research, valuation and, most importantly, presentation skills. We are creating an environment that will make Fund members experts in an industry, confident in discussing specific companies, persuasive when presenting an idea, and attractive to perspective employers.