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Visits Persuade Decisions…

By: Mauricio Leyva’14 MBA Candidate

My advice to business school applicants is to visit the schools that they are applying to. As you are aware of from your college experience, there are things about college life that you would not have known as a high school student unless you would have visited the college in person. Personally, I have visited all the business schools that I applied to. Let me tell you some of the benefits: (1) You get to experience life as a business school student; (2) You get to better understand the culture of the school; (3) You are able to ask personal questions with current business school students; and (4) You can better articulate why it is that you want to attend that specific business school. Visiting a school is not cheap, but neither is this important decision in your life to attend business school.

Let me tell you about my experience at the Simon Business School prior to being accepted. When I first reached out to Simon students and alumni I was amazed by the quick and friendly responses that I obtained. This impressed me because all I mentioned was that I wanted to know about their experience. It showed to me that people had a valuable time at Simon, which they wanted to share. When I was coordinating my schedule at Simon I was helped by a current student who arranged for me to meet other students, attend a class, get a tour of the school, and try some delicious food. We are good friends today and he is a great mentor to me. The Dean Mark Zupan personally emailed me to connect me with three high powered professionals in my industry of interest. As a career switcher this was very important for me to have senior executives who can provide guidance and support. Now that I am a student I see the same benefits of being part of the Simon community, which is an amazing cohort of students who want to see each other succeed as well as alumni who are excited to share their professional experience.                 Come visit and I’m sure you will get to know the Simon culture and why we care so much about our community. I wish you all the best and I hope to see you at the Simon School of Business in Rochester, NY.

Mi casa es su casa!


Simon School accepting registrations for November 11-12, 2012 Diversity Weekend

Each year, Simon Admissions hosts Diversity Weekend – an event that brings prospective Under-represented minority candidates who are considering the Full-time MBA or Master’s program to our campus to meet current students, alumni, faculty and Admissions staff.  This year our Diversity Weekend will be held on Sunday, November 11 and Monday, November 12 and the agenda will include the following sessions:

  • Admissions Q&A Panel Discussion –tips on how to position yourself as a competitive candidate
  • Current Student and Alumni Panel Discussion – hear from those who chose to attend Simon
  • Tour Simon School and University of Rochester Campus
  • Meet Faculty and visit a class
  • Career Management Center presentation  – learn how the School supports your career success
  • Social Activities
  • Admissions Interviews (by request)

To learn more or register to attend, view details on our Web site.  All event meals and hotel accommodations for Sunday evening are provided by Simon on a complimentary basis.  You are encouraged to inquire about the possibility of a stipend to support your travel to Rochester for the event via e-mail to Lisa Bravo at Lisa.Bravo@simon.rochester.edu

Rebekah S. Lewin, MBA ’02
Executive Director of Admissions & Administration



A Pleasure and Honor to Welcome New Students!

By Eileen:

Last week Simon had quite an enjoyable reception in the Rotunda.  The Admissions Office along with Student Services and the Career Management Center hosted a Welcome Reception for all of our new and current Simon students in the Rochester area.  This was the first summer welcome event of its kind, so we were not sure if the new students currently participating in ELUSC or taking classes this summer would have time to stop by, but what a delight to have a turnout of nearly 100 students, faculty, and staff!   This was a great opportunity to finally meet a number of students that we have been emailing for months and have arrived in Rochester, or to catch up with those we’ve met throughout their application process.  The entire reception was very relaxed, no formal schedule of any kind, rather a chance to mingle and enjoy each other’s company. 

As I mentioned earlier, a number of professors and staff from other offices were able to stop by as well, including Mark Zupan!  Lots of students told me how excited they were that the Dean attended, and many took the opportunity to introduce their selves.  It was also impressive that new students were not the only ones to take advantage of this event, as many of our current students & recent grads who are still in the area made it a point to attend and meet our new students.  As you can imagine, they offered a wealth of information from their perspective, and helped give our newest students an idea of what they can look forward to in the coming 1-2 years. 
Overall, the Welcome Reception was a wonderful afternoon that I anticipate will certainly happen again in the future.  It was an honor to meet with our newest members of the Simon MBA and MS classes, and to hear more about them beyond what was on their applications.  Looking forward to getting to know all of our incoming students who continue to arrive within the next few months and become part of the Simon community!

The Experience Simon Modules

By: Bonnie Liu

So I mentioned I wanted to highlight 3 events in my previous (first) blog so here is the second…

We attended the Experience Simon Module. The module lasted for six days in the week before the 2nd half of fall quarter starting. Courses taught by different professors covered introduction to career in finance, consulting, marketing and personal selling skills. The purpose of these modules was to let us have deeper understanding of industries and specific positions. It is important to learn theories and knowledge from textbooks, but it is more essential to put theories into effective practice. I finished my first two modules and found them very practical. It was also great to see Dean Zupan during the courses in the morning and have his input for this new modules. Dean Zupan is the best dean we have ever met! Everyone in Simon will sure give you such feedback if you ask about him! Can you imagine that we had dinner in his home?

More talk of Simon to come…my third attended event I want to share coming soon!