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A Great Class at Simon!

By: Xinrui (Cynthia) Yan

Greetings from Simon! I have some time to share my life with you and this time I’ve decided to introduce a class that I took last quarter. It is MGC–Business Management Communication. MGC is one of the essential classes that each Simon student (MBA and MS candidates) has to take. It consists of two parts: oral presentations and business memo writing. Like many other business writing classes, MGC teaches you how to write in a formal and professional way. However, MGC is more than just that. It gives students real opportunities to perfect their speech skills. Each student has to make their own presentations and evaluate other student presentations. Unlike those presentations that we made for class projects, these presentations are evaluated based on both content and professional presenting skills. The professor will give out feedbacks right after you finish a speech. You can also learn from professor’s comments on other presenters. Personally, I am always very nervous about presenting in front of a large audience. This class helped me improve a lot by giving me the opportunity to present in front of the professor and my fellow students. MGC class has benefited me more than that. In one of my recent job interviews, I was asked to talk about the market news that I have followed. We presented every week on recent news for our MGC class, so I was able to present confidently and professionally in front of my interviewers. I impressed them a lot!

MGC is just one of many great classes at the Simon School. When you have your chance to visit Simon, you will have an opportunity to visit one of the many great classes. I highly recommend that you explore Simon through this avenue; excellence on both academics and professionalism is absolutely what Simon takes great pride in.

Again, Simon welcomes you to visit and we invite you to sit in on a class. I hope that your new year has started out great and that your decision to apply to Simon is already in progress!