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New Simon Club for Finance students

By Rebekah:

Winter greetings from the Simon School Admissions office!  As of January 2010, we now offer a new student-led club to enhance the technical knowledge of individuals who are interested in careers in Trading, Investment Management and Equity Research (TIMER) from a practical point of view. Market TIMER is committed to enhancing the image of the graduates from the MBA and MS Finance programs interested in Trading, Investment Management and Equity Research, by educating them about the industry and job functions available after a Simon degree.

Below you will find details on the specific deliverables that TIMER offers to our student body:

  • The club will hold knowledge sharing sessions and encourage members to play an active part by submitting financial models and research reports related to the specific job function. The club will forward these reports to Simon Alums who oversee this club and thus showcase the talents of the club member in terms of internship and full time job search.
  • The club, with support of Alumni and 2nd year students who have experience in these fields in their past or during their internships, will bestow conceptual and practical knowledge to the club members who are making career changes into this field.
  • The club intends to assign each active member an Alumni mentor in their respective fields; These Alums will guide club members in improving their reports, conducting mock interviews and improving the students network in the career path they are identify. We are excited about the new options that are available to MS Finance and MBA students who are seeking a career in Trading, Investment Management, and Equity Research as this will complement our existing Financial Management Associate student club.