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Upcoming NYC Event: Challenges to Leadership and Governance Conference

Want to get a taste of what Simon’s students, professors, and alumni are thinking and talking about? Consider attending our upcoming conference, Challenges to Leadership and Governance.

With all the turmoil in recent economic times, executives are coming under greater pressure to meet high ethical and moral standards. This trickles down into the organization through increased accounting and auditing measures, which translates to a change in day-to-day business throughout the firm. Learn more about how this might affect you and your future plans!

Speakers and panelists will address changes in the role of boards of directors in response to the recent crisis, the impact of changes in accounting rules on business decisions and strategic issues faced by CEO’s today in light of changes in government policies.

Thought leadership for senior executives on the drivers of success in the new economic landscape will also be highlighted.

Key Presentations and Selected Panels

· The Value Paradigm: Is It Still Relevant?
· A New Way to Look at “Integrity”
· Proper Role and Focus for Boards of Directors
· What Drives Success?
· “Fixing” Corporate Governance
· Resolving the Critical Issues for Boards of Directors
· Comparing Strategic Decisions: 2002 vs. 2010
· Impacts of the Obama Administration Policies

Keynote Speakers

· Nobel Peace Prize Laureate F.W. de Klerk, Luncheon Speaker
· Professor Emeritus Michael C. Jensen, Harvard Business School
· Joel Stern, Chairman and CEO, Stern Stewart & Company (Co-Sponsor)

Featured Speakers and Panelists

· Professor Richard A. Epstein, The University of Chicago Law School
· Mervyn E. King, Professor and Former Judge of the High Court of
South Africa
· Mary K. Bush, President, Bush International
· Mark Ubelhart, Vice President, Shareholder and Human Capital Practice Leader,
Global Analytics
· Professors Ray Ball (Chicago), Ross L. Watts (M.I.T.), Clifford W. Smith Jr.
(Simon School), Jerold L. Zimmerman (Simon School), James Brickley
(Simon School) and Ronald Schmidt (Simon School)
· International board members and CEO’s representing Briggs & Stratton,
the Godrej Group, Herman Miller, Legg Mason Capital Management,
Saudi Aramco, Tata Consulting Services and more.

To learn more, please click here.

Challenges to leadership and Governance