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Visit Simon and Make the Best Choice for You

By: Jerrica

Congratulations on deciding to look into Business schools; having been in your shoes only a year ago, I completely understand the enormity of that step.  Everyday we’re faced with choices— from the very small and insignificant, to those with lasting repercussions—and every day we have to make a conscientious decision to put our efforts into the best choices for us.

Personally, I didn’t realize that Simon was the best business school for me until I visited campus and had a chance to talk with current students. Aside from the beautiful campus (though I feel like I need to mention Rush Rees Library specifically—one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve had the pleasure of spending time in) the people at Simon are second to none.  Your fellow students will come from across the globe, and it is very likely that you will be able to get some career advice from some of your friends, as well as the Career Management Center. Within the first few weeks of being on campus, you will have created a network of friends and resources (which will even include Dean Zupan after you attend his famous lasagna dinner) that will always be united by Simon.

Simon launches Master’s degree concentrations in Pricing and Business Analytics

Recognizing an opportunity to fulfill employer demands and seed the business community with the best and brightest career candidates, Simon has introduced specialized MS degree programs in Business Analytics and Pricing. These programs exemplify the school’s commitment to providing students with optimal preparation and a competitive edge at graduation, and meet the evolving needs of employers for graduates with degrees in rapidly emerging fields.

“There is a real thirst in this competitive economic climate for highlytrained employees in specific fields,” said Dean Mark Zupan. “We continue to see a need for graduates carrying specialized, targeted degrees, and we’re thrilled to continue to offer our graduates an innovative education.”

Business Analytics

Understanding the importance of Big Data in business management practices and the rising need for relevant careeroriented applicants, the Simon launched an MS in Business Administration with a concentration in Business Analytics. This degree will focus on data modeling, statistical analysis, and working with large data sets in a business context to better prepare students for the challenge of extracting operationally and strategically useful information from large volume, high variety, and fast changing data.  Simon already has a strong reputation of quantitative analysis with many faculty utilizing cuttingedge data modeling and analysis techniques in their research. This concentration will focus on methodology rather than the management discipline. Anticipated enrollment for full-time study will start in fall 2013. Learn More


Perhaps no business function has more of an impact on the bottom line than pricing. The Simon School has offered a Pricing track as part of its marketing concentration for several years. After observing a strong interest among students for a deeper level of expertise in the field of strategic pricing, along with emerging job opportunities among top employers in the field, Simon developed a MS in Business Administration with a concentration in Pricing. The program will consist of a combination of courses on pricing theory and analysis built on a foundation of economics.  Additionally, a practicum course will provide students with a handson opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts of pricing and build their skills in empirical analysis through a variety of analytical pricing tools. Anticipated enrollment for full-time study will begin in fall 2013.  Learn More

Rebekah S. Lewin, MBA ’02
Executive Director of Admissions & Administration


Simon School and our Partnership with Management Leadership for Tomorrow

Simon has been a proud member of Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) MBA Prep program for the past three years. The mission of MLT – to equip African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans with the hard and soft skills, career roadmap, mentoring, and door-opening relationships required to become high-impact business and community leaders.

What is MLT MBA Prep?

MBA Prep guides Fellows through the application and interview process and shows them what it takes to be successful in B-school and beyond. This includes:

  • Application roadmap: MBA Prep clarifies the application process with cogent goals and been-there advice from Admissions officers and MLT.
  • One-on-one coaching: Fellows benefit from a personal relationship with an MLT coach, who guides them through our curriculum and helps develop actions plans and solid application strategies.
  • Unprecedented early exposure: Participants build meaningful relationships with representatives from outstanding business schools and corporations several months prior to matriculation.
  • Unique skill development curriculum: Our curriculum is delivered in partnership with leading business schools, top corporations and non-profits who seek the best talent.
  • Lifelong alumni network: MBA Prep alumni share resources, knowledge and influence with the entire MLT community, furthering our mission to change the leadership landscape.

2012 Success:

  • 99% of MLT Fellows were admitted to business school
  • 96% of MLT Fellows rated their MLT experience as life-changing
  • 99% of MLT Fellows would recommend the program to others

Meet a First-year MBA student from Simon who participated in MLT

If you are considering the MBA for 2014 entry, then review the Fellowship application process for MLT MBA Prep before October 28th. Rebekah S. Lewin

Rebekah S. Lewin, MBA ’02
Executive Director of Admissions & Administration
Univ. of Rochester, Simon Graduate School of Business
Rochester, New York 14627-0107
Phone – 585-275-3533
Fax – 585-271-3907


Social Media in Higher Education

By: Adam
Looking back a decade ago, the thought of social media didn’t even exist.  We kept in contact through traditional media like phone calls, e-mails, and sometimes even the good old-fashioned hand-written letter.  Different announcements and information were broadcast through television, magazines, billboards and the occasional internet banner.  Now, fast forward to today and the main source of news is now found on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, making everyone’s lives a lot easier.  Not only are more websites being created every day, but each individual social media site is expanding and integrating to make things more convenient for its users.  We have entered the world of social media and we are now using our online voices to speak louder than ever before.

As we continue to move forward, social media is starting to shape the world we live in on a “most recent” basis and from this; there is no denying that Social Media is everywhere!  It has become the common practice of staying in contact, sharing the latest news stories and now, it’s become a common place to learn more about a specific University.   With this shift, these social tools can be used to quickly access information and expertise on the school, but also improve collaboration, engagement and cooperation, while enhancing relationships through constant contact. 

Though the Simon Website will always serve as the best source of information on the school, these social media tools are serving as a new and innovative twist on sharing specific details of the “Simon Experience”.    This swift change is meant to capitalize on the growing population in this interactive world, as we are constantly updating our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel to captivate our audience on everything that is currently happening here at the University.

To learn more, take the time to visit our Simon Social Media page and get involved, because let’s be honest, Social Media is not going away!