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Tag: "Brand"

The Simon Element

by Marisa

It is an exciting time here at Simon as we get ready to launch our new brand based on “The Simon Element”. As you start to see our new brand on admissions materials, our website, and emails you may receive from us, you may wonder how this new brand came about and what it means.

A brand is more than a fancy logo or a catchy slogan; most importantly, a brand is a promise of what customers should expect from their experience with a product or service. In creating our new brand, our challenge was to identify Simon’s brand promise and to convey it in a way that is intriguing and relevant to prospective students. We gathered the insight and recommendations of faculty and staff, full-time MBA students, part-time MBA students, executive MBA students, alumni, recruiters and corporate partners. Additionally, we carefully selected an advertising agency to facilitate many of our discussions and assist us with the development of our brand promise and creative concepts, which were reviewed internally and focus group tested with prospective full-time students, executive MBA students, alumni., corporate recruiters and our corporate advisors.

What we brought to life was a new element – “The Simon Element”. It is a set of skills that allow our alumni to understand all the elements of business, how they work together, how to break them down to identify problems, and how to reassemble them into something better. Our students acquire this ability from Simon’s economics-based approach to analysis, problem solving and decision-making (“FACt”), an integrated curriculum featuring the interaction of all the major business disciplines, and a highly personalized environment taught by world-class faculty. People who have “The Simon Element” are highly valued, sought after change agents in the business world. They commonly refer to being taught how to “think”. Simon has been the key element in the success of so many, and we intend to tell our story in this way throughout the months and years to follow.

We look forward to you becoming part of The Simon Element in the years to come.