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My Summer Internship Experience 2009

By: Ameet Chandak, MBA Candidate 2010

Why do a Summer Internship? One of the top questions which one has to answer as an entrant of the Accelerated 18 Month MBA program at Simon is: “How valuable is a summer internship and should I pursue this option?” The hectic pace of the first two quarters which covers 7 core courses is demanding for most students and was no different for me. However, what began as a struggle quickly turned in to an exciting experience where I mastered core management skills across different business functions.   Having worked as an IT Consultant with Ernst & Young prior to Simon, I was keen to progress to a broader role as a business technology advisor and use my newly found MBA skills in the real world. The summer internship presented me with the perfect opportunity to do this, and I joined Deloitte Consulting LLP with their Healthcare industry practice at the Boston office.

Images Welcome to Deloitte. The city of Boston brought a much needed change after a ‘typical’ Rochester winter, and I started my 10 week internship in the 2nd week of June, just days after finishing the spring quarter. As I walked through the corridors of 60 floor John Hancock tower to make my way to the Deloitte office, I felt anxious about how the internship experience would unfold. My first week was dedicated to understanding the overall business of Deloitte, its various services across different industries, the organization structure and firm culture. I was assigned my summer project in the second week and introduced to my team and reporting manager. I was part of a highly visible team which was advising a Healthcare client in transforming a critical business function.

The Simon Difference. As a summer associate, I was assigned the responsibility of planning and developing an overall testing plan to analyze core business functionality of the newly implemented ‘claims pricing system’. My role required extensive data analysis and I was able to use skills from core courses like GBA and Finance to analyze and interpret data. As the weeks passed by, I was able to easily bond with my project team and contribute as a team member, leveraging vastly on my experience of working with diverse teams at Simon.

My Key Takeaways. The summer internship experience helped me expand my professional network which now includes consultants at Deloitte, interns from schools like Harvard Business School and MIT, and Simon Alumni in Boston. The internship also helped me gain further insight into US work culture and business etiquette. The most important takeaway was identifying areas for personal development of my management and leadership skills. I am now using the internship feedback to select relevant courses in my second year at Simon and take on new leadership positions on campus.

The summer internship has provided me with clarity on the industry and function that I desire to build a long term career after the MBA. My new professional network will undoubtedly help me in my full time job search.  All in all it was an extremely fulfilling personal and professional summer internship and I would recommend that you explore this option during your studies at Simon.