Simon Sunset Concert Series

By: Stefanie

I am continuously amazed by our students.  Not only are they smart and business saavy, as time goes by during their time here at Simon, we discover the special talents they have that make them unique individuals.  In an effort to celebrate those that are musically talented, the Student Services Office created the Sunset Concert Series this past fall.  Recently, I attended the spring quarter's concert which highlighted the vocals of first year joint MD/MBA student, Jason Reminick, and his girlfriend, Sheira Feuerstein.  Sheira came up from NYC where she performs in shows full-time to join Jason for our Simon concert. 

While enjoying cheese and crackers and sipping on wine, the crowd of MBA and MS students as well as staff were captivated by their performances of such favorites as "All I Ask of You" from Phantom of the Opera, "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables,  "Mr. Cellophane" from Chicago, and "Suddenly Seymour" from Little Shop of Horrors to name a few. 

We are truly lucky to have students like Jason in the Simon program!  I look forward to the next Sunset Concert Series in Fall 2009.

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