Simon School Full-time Application Deadlines

By: Rebekah

Are you wondering which deadline to target to have the best chance for admission to the full-time M.B.A. or M.S. program at Simon? 

First and foremost, don’t rush to submit your application just to hit the earliest deadline.  We would rather see your most competitive application – including properly proofed essays and a competitive GMAT score – even if this means that your application comes in for a later deadline.  Simon uses a waitlist to ensure that we can make admission offers across every application deadline.  We don’t have a specific number of available offers for any given application deadline – each year our offers vary, depending on the quality and size of the applicant pool. 

Second, review our deadlines (November 20, January 5, and March 20) and take into consideration all that will need to be done to submit your application by your targeted deadline.  This includes giving recommenders at least 4 weeks to submit their materials online on your behalf and ordering official test scores and transcripts.  Keep in mind that the timing for you to hear a decision from us varies, depending on which deadline you choose – those who apply for an early deadline are guaranteed to get their decision sooner.  However, we process all applications on a rolling basis – so even if you apply in between the deadlines, your application will begin a review by the AdCom. 

Third, good news!  There is merit-based scholarship consideration available through all the application rounds.  However, consideration for our largest full-tuition awards for the full-time M.B.A. program is available for those candidates who apply up through our January 5th deadline.

Do you still have questions on the application process?  Stay tuned as we will provide more tips on how to be competitive in the coming weeks on this blog.  Good luck with your application to Simon – we’re looking forward to reviewing it in the coming weeks!

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