Simon Ambassadors “Speed Meeting”

By: Stefanie

During the first week of classes on January 10th, Simon Ambassadors held their 3rd Annual "Speed Meeting" for 1st year students.  But before I explain what exactly what this "speed meeting" event entails, I need to give you some background information.

Firstly, Simon Ambassadors is a student club of volunteers who reach out to prospective and admitted students to answer any questions they may have about the MBA and MS program, what it is like to be a Simon student, life in Rochester, etc.  In addition, Ambassadors are one of the resources available to incoming students to help facilitate a smooth transition into the program. 

Secondly, as you are probably aware, the Simon School has 2 entry points for our full-time MBA program – one in September and another in January.  In the past, all of the activities held during the January Orientation to meet the new January students included the entire Simon community – more specifically both 1st years AND 2nd years.  There was never any event that allowed the 1st year September Cohort to meet their fellow 1st year counterparts on their own.

Until the "speed meeting" event came along…

So, what exactly happens during this event?  Well, if you’ve heard of speed dating, then you see where the concept came from.  Basically, we set up 2 long rows of chairs facing each other – in one row, all the January students sit and in the other row, all the September students sit – so that one January student faces one September student.  Each pair of students has about 90 seconds to introduce themselves, say where they are from, and one interesting thing about themselves (e.g. they like to ski, they are a trained classical pianist, etc).  After the 90 seconds is up, the two say good-bye and the September students move one chair to the right and introduce themselves to the next January student.  The same continues for the entire 40 minutes we have allotted for the event. 

Since the January cohort this year is made up of just over 50 students, we weren’t able to have all students meet each other.  But at least many introductions have been made and connections have begun between the 2 cohorts that will continue throughout their time at Simon.  Not bad for 40 minutes! 

The speed meeting is a fun and chaotic activity – a definte must to participate in for all 1st year Simon students!

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