Reach Forward with One Hand, Reach Back with the Other

By: Marisa
The lifecycle of a Simon student goes something like this: considering business school, getting serious about business school, investigate Simon, apply to Simon, become a Simon student, graduate from Simon, become a Simon alumni.

As a Simon staff member it is interesting to observe people at different points in the process of helping each other out. To watch a current student sharing their experiences with someone considering Simon as well as an alum providing guidance to an almost graduate is inspiring. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Tim Murtaugh:

“Spend every day preparing for the next. As you reach forward with one hand, accept the advice of those who have gone before you, and in the same manner reach back with the other hand to those who follow you.”

The Simon family consists of candidates, current students and alumni linked by a special and unbreakable bond.

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