NEW: Alumni Spotlight series

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be posting our Alumni Spotlight series.  This series highlights many of our successful alumni who have pursued a variety of different business ventures since graduating from Simon.  We are very excited to share these stories about our amazing Simon alumni community, and hope it gives insight into the challenging & exciting career possibilities that await you-enjoy! 

Alia TabetTo get things started, meet Alia Tabet, MBA ‘09, Manager Digital Media & User Acquisitions, NFL

Since I started at the NFL, I have worked in User Acquisitions for an array of NFL digital products including live streaming products, mobile apps and games. My primary focus this season has been on NFL Game Pass which is our premier digital product. NFL Game Pass is a live streaming product for international users allowing them to watch live NFL games on their laptop, tablet or phone. I drive marketing and strategy for NFL Game Pass through an array of channels, both owned media and external. I work with our team to concept creative for the season including banner ads, rich media, video and commercial spots. Then I work with our agency partners on external media buys, A/B testing, new media testing, programmatic buying and re-targeting.

I have helped build our international affiliate program to drive Game Pass sales while also supporting American football leagues throughout Europe including the UK, Denmark, Austria, France, Finland, Italy, Serbia, Sweden and more. In addition, I work with our UK office to have a Game Pass presence at our International Series Games in London which includes a full demo area with jumbo-trons, iPad stations and big screens. At these events we let fans trial the product for free, conduct giveaways, and have player and cheerleader appearances to build awareness of the product. I work with Apple on a full mobile promotional strategy for Playoffs and Super Bowl to drive downloads and sales of our mobile apps and games, NFL Films content and subscription products, and also work with league sponsors on cross-promotional opportunities to drive sales for their brands in conjunction with driving Game Pass sales. All of these initiatives are tracked carefully and measured through several analytic platforms, including a sophisticated multi-attribution marketing software which allow us to gauge the effectiveness of our channels so we can be as efficient as possible and drive the strongest ROI.

Looking back, I chose Simon for a few reasons. I liked the personal attention from the staff there and the small class sizes. In addition I felt more connected, and it assured me I had a team of people who would help me succeed as an MBA student. Another reason was because the program was highly quantitative and I wanted to strengthen my quant skills. I am also a competitive soccer player and wanted to continue playing, and Simon had a team & club I was interested in joining. Additionally my background and career interests have an international focus, and with the student body being made up of over 50% international students, overall I knew Simon would be a good fit.

Simon helped me push myself to the max. I gained a lot during my coursework, sharpening my skills in every possible way. My Simon degree also gave me confidence and strength to be able to do my job and do it well. I made lifelong friends at Simon from all over the world who I treasure-they are some of my closest friends. I have the best memories from all the soccer tournaments, the relief of being done with finals, the trips taken, and all the great events both on- and off-campus.

My words of advice for prospective students considering Simon Business School:
It is important to think about what you want to do in your career during your MBA program. Making contacts and looking for internships is very important, HOWEVER, don’t miss out on everything else. The best part of business school is the people you will meet – that is your lifelong network so go to the events, have some fun and don’t drive yourself crazy!

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