My Simon Experience: A Student Perspective from Shay Freeman, 2015 MBA Candidate

When I decided to come to Simon, I knew that it would be a dynamic experience.  I had heard about the quantitative rigor, analytical challenge, and the personalized access to renowned faculty. However, I primarily chose Simon because of the spirit and the people. A perfect example occurred when I was on a university shuttle chatting with my classmates. As we carried on about our day, the driver turned to us with a puzzled look on her face and asked: “Do you all understand each other.”  I laughed and we all replied, “Yes.” Our various accents, dialects, and the mere consonance of our voices reflected our rich diversity.

To her our conversation probably sounded like gibberish as my southern twang blended with voices of students who were born throughout the United States and abroad.  However, to me it was a gentle reminder of Simon’s diverse community.  Both culturally and intellectually extensive, Simon students inspire me to go outside of my comfort zone and embrace new challenges.

While I’ve learned so much in so little time, some of my most profound moments have occurred outside of the classroom. At Simon, we all strive for excellence but we do not forget about others along the way. Our bonds have grown beyond friendship to kinship. Whether it is helping one another understand an academic concept, or discussing life experiences, we make an effort to build meaningful relationships.

Even after a long day of classes, running regressions, and a seemingly impossible to-do list, I still manage to have wonderful moments with those around me.  Simply put- we effortlessly embody Meliora.Schlegel-Hall[1]

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