MBA Internship Reflections

The following blog post was written by Jay Gillespie, 2016 MBA Candidate


Jay Gillespie, 2016 MBA Candidate

I didn’t understand how well Simon prepared me for a management position until I began my summer internship in the marketing department of Bigelow Tea. I have an arts background (worked as a full-time actor prior to Simon), and I would like to transition into brand management and marketing.

Bigelow Tea treats their MBA interns like full-time staff so I was completely involved with the entire marketing team – everything from traditional brand management and market research, to social media planning and analytics. I was well prepared for all of it. And when it came to analytics I felt like I was on the cutting edge.

What I liked most about my internship was that I worked with an extremely talented and hard-working team that provided a lot of support (very similar to the Simon community!).

As I reflect on my internship, one interesting story comes to mind. After only one month on the internship, I was asked to attend the national marketing and sales conference and give a twenty-minute presentation to the national sales team. I was a little nervous, but it went smoothly and the senior brand manager complemented me afterwards.

My internship was a lot of work, but the experience was rewarding and I feel highly valued. In fact, the team has mentioned how it would be great to have me around full time, very exciting.

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