Learn Why 82% of MS Students Choose Our Internship Track

At Simon, all four of our MS programs – accountancy, business analytics, finance, and marketing analytics – offer two programs of study: a 10-month track and a 17-month internship track.  This year, 82% of MS students chose the internship track. Listen to what past students have said about their internship track experience:


With a Simon MS, you have the flexibility to choose the course of study that best suits your situation. If you’re trying to decide between the two tracks, here are a few additional things to consider:

  • Internships are not required. The Career Management Center will supplement your networking efforts by posting internship opportunities you can apply for. If you do not end up completing an internship, you may use the summer to study for the CPA or CFA exam, network for your full-time job search, or build programming skills for specialty certifications.
  • The internship track gives you options. Whether it’s gaining experience in a new field prior to the full-time job search or building your professional network, the 17-month track builds flexibility into your program.
  • Regardless of the track you choose, the curriculum is the same. The only difference is timing. On the internship track, you will delay one of your classes until the second fall term. This class is offered remotely, but in order to complete the program you must return to Rochester for your last three hours of lecture and final exam at the end of the fall term.

Whether you take the 10-month track or the 17-month track, the path toward your future career begins at Simon. Apply now — we are still accepting applications for Fall 2018 entry! Applications are reviewed as they are received and scholarship support is always available.

If you have questions about the MS program tracks or any aspect of the application, please reach out to the Admissions Office

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