Lasagna Dinners are a Simon School Tradition

By: Bonnie He Liu

So I shared the first two highlights of being a Simon student and promised to post the third… 

Dinner with Dean Zupan at his home? When I heard this from my 2nd year MBA coach I could hardly believe it. But I did receive the invitation two days later. Every student has this special opportunity. About 35 students including me attended the Lasagna Dinner at Dean Zupan’s home this past October.  Not only Dean Zupan, but other faculty members of Simon were also there, and talked about their life in Rochester, interests, and expectations, etc. After the dinner all of us gathered in the living room, each of the international students shared one thing about doing business in their own countries, domestic students asked questions. The sharing and discussions were quite enlightening! I must compliment my great classmates again and let them know how lucky I feel to know them and study with them in this great Simon community.

Well, the first quarter brought many interesting experiences. Though intense, I cannot wait for the coming exciting events and challenges in the second quarter! Hope you are enjoying my blogs and please feel free to reach me at I would be very happy to answer any question that you may have. Good luck with your application and please stay tuned for future updates.




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