Internship Preview: Karishma Velagaleti heads to FedEx

Karishma Velagaleti is a member of Simon’s MS in Business Analytics Class of 2017. She recently answered a few questions about her upcoming summer internship at FedEx.

Where is your summer internship? What are your anticipated responsibilities?
I will be interning this summer with FedEx in Memphis, Tennessee. I will be working on a few data analytics projects to help my team.

How did you find this internship?
There is no one formula. I found mine through networking, but I would say different things work for different people, so I would recommend trying everything at your disposal.

KarishmaWhat CMC resources did you use to help you prepare for the interview process or any of the job responsibilities?
During the pre-fall quarter, we had weekly CMC workshops which I attended regularly. The workshops really helped me understand a lot about the US job search culture and various CMC resources that I could take advantage of. CMC resources such as student career advisors (SCAs are usually second year MBAs) were really helpful in imparting the necessary guidance, reviewing my résumé etc., as they had gone through a similar experience while they were on the job search.

What are you most looking forward to about your summer internship?
Since this is going to be my first working experience in the US, I am looking forward to learning as much as I can.

What do you think will be the most challenging aspect of your role?
The most challenging part of my role will be applying my technical skills to the job at hand and working to support my team.

Are you relocating? If so, what are you looking forward to exploring in your new home?
Yes, I am relocating for this position. Since Tennessee is a southern state, I am looking forward to understanding more about the southern culture, meeting new people, and of course, exploring a new place!

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