My Campus Visit Helped Me Find My Fit at Simon

The following blog post was written by Monica Perez, 2017 MS in Business Analytics candidate

A year ago I was uncertain about my future; I didn’t know how to decide on a graduate school where I would be a good fit, but most importantly, one that would be a good fit for me. Many factors drove my decision; however, one of them carried the most weight. I liked how all the schools looked online and in rankings, but I was curious about how I would feel once I became part of the school’s community and experienced its culture.

Monica Perez is a 2017 MS in Business Analytics candidate.

Monica Perez is a 2017 MS in Business Analytics candidate.

This is the reason why I decided to visit Simon. The School hosted an event designed to give prospective students the opportunity to get a feel for the school, meet current students and faculty, and experience life as a Simon MS student. The schedule was filled with activities that gave prospective students the chance to engage with the Simon community. At first, I was very nervous since I also scheduled my admissions interview while I was on campus. After I completed my interview, though, I was able to enjoy everything the event had to offer: meeting current students, getting their input on classes, and learning more about Rochester and all it has to offer. I had the chance to bond with other prospective students and create valuable friendships with them. The admissions staff was wonderful and really made me feel like I was in the right place. All of these things helped me picture myself at the School, and I felt like I became part of the Simon community.

During my first visit, I was really able to envision being a Simon MS student and I was fairly certain Simon was the right school for me. Then, I received an invitation to Scholarship Weekend. This was a very intense weekend that allowed me to experience the type of group work I would regularly engage in as a master’s student. I was absolutely impressed by how my group interacted during the long hours preparing for the case competition. Everyone was well prepared and it was very evident we were all trying our best to succeed. This kind of drive and ambition from my peers was what made me realize that Simon was a perfect fit for me.

Visiting campus was one of the most important factors that influenced my business school decision. Everything I learned about the school during that time on campus was very valuable in helping me decide that Simon was the right place for me. Getting firsthand experience is critical for determining if the school is a good fit for you. As previously mentioned, schools can all look good on paper, but we are all different people with diverse personalities, and finding the place that will bring out the best in you is very important to your educational success.

Visit Simon. You’ll be glad you did!

If you’re interested in one of our specialized master’s programs, visit us for MS Day @Simon to find out if Simon is the business school for you. You will have the opportunity to tour campus, attend a class, eat lunch with other prospective students, meet with the Office of Student Engagement and the Career Management Center, and network with current students, faculty and Simon alumni.

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