How Simon Prepared Me for My Internship

The following blog post was written by Mikayla Hart, 2016 MBA Candidate.

I just completed the first half of my ten-week internship as a Strategy Consultant with Accenture, and I am happy to say that the skills and experiences I developed in my first year at Simon Business School have helped me succeed thus far in my internship. I can group these experiences into three categories: skills from in-class learning, career-prep from Simon’s Career Management Center (CMC), and extracurricular activities. Each category has been very helpful and I believe that a career as a consultant requires skills and experience from all three areas.

Mikayla Hart, 2016 MBA Candidate

Mikayla Hart, 2016 MBA Candidate

First, the in-class learning I received in my first year at Simon has been essential to the speed in which I can work. To name a few specific examples: Advanced Modeling prepared me for building financial models around ambiguous problems, and Social Entrepreneurship prepared me for the PowerPoint and presentation skills needed in consulting. Having these skills under my belt from Day One gave me an advantage of being able to work more quickly and efficiently.

Knowledge and experience acquired from CMC is another key aspect that has played a role. Networking and communication skills are crucial in order to succeed as a consultant. This is something I did not fully grasp until I started my internship this summer. In a consulting career, one needs to develop a strong and trusting network in order to be placed on projects of their choice. I thank the many programs offered by the CMC for helping me develop these necessary skills.

Finally, I’ve found that a key differentiator that has worked in my favor is the experience developed through extracurricular activities. I believe that my involvement in numerous clubs, programs, and departments at Simon helped distinguish me from other candidates and secure an internship offer. One thing I love about Simon is the fact that its small size gives students the ability to take on leadership positions and drive change in all areas of interest.

The ability to discuss these experiences with passion benefits you in terms of experience and networking. I’m very grateful for the opportunities Simon has provided me, and I look forward to returning for my second year this fall!

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