How I Picked Simon

By: Delaena, MBA Candidate, Class of 2009

Choosing Simon was one of the most important decisions of my life and it has been absolutely worth my while. An MBA is a huge personal and financial call, in terms of the costs and the forgone salary and family time. For me these costs were huge because I am from Ghana and the youngest of five siblings in a very close knit Ghanaian family. I still miss my family especially my mum but it’s all worth it. Prior to Simon, I worked as an auditor in Ernst & Young for two years after getting a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Ghana.

Surprisingly I first heard about Simon when the admissions office sent me a letter through the GMASS (Graduate Management Admissions Search Service) and offered me a fee waiver. I was very impressed with the school’s consistently high rankings in finance because that was an area that I was interested in. I reviewed the rankings and graduate comments on U.S. News, Financial Times, and Business Week and I began to get more interested in Simon. In addition, I had two much older friends (mentors) who were second years at U. Penn (Wharton) and Duke (Fuqua); they told me that if finance/economics was what I wanted to do, then Simon was the place for me.

So, I sent my GMAT scores to the school, sent in my application and here I am. I also applied to Duke and Cornell. I was on the waitlist for Duke when I received an offer from Simon, and it was a clear choice for me to accept Simon. Of these three schools, what distinguished Simon was the close personal relationship I built with the Admissions staff and the International Services Office staff. They were quick to reply to my emails, and when I got here, Julie Sadwick (an Admissions staff) actually remembered my name. That made me feel pretty special.

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