How do you stand out in the MBA or MS applicant pool?

By Rebekah

Getting into a top B-school is a time-consuming, expensive, and stressful process for most candidates.  If you are in that majority, a constant question on your mind, is “How can I stand out in the pool of competitive applicants?”.  Here are a few things that will push you closer to an admit offer:

• Visit campus – make yourself visible to the Admissions officers running an event.

• If visiting is not practical due to your geographic location, don’t worry, there are many other ways to get connected.  For instance, ask to talk with students or alumni – either initiate this through your personal or professional network or through the B-School’s Admission’s office.  This will help you to do your homework on why you want to go to your target school.

• Apply when you feel that your application is ready to present you in the best-possible light – don’t just rush to meet an early deadline with a sloppy application.

• Be positive and professional in all of your interactions with the School.  That includes students, faculty, Admissions officers, alumni, staff – you never know what type of feedback on your interactions may be reported back to the AdCom.

• Use Social Media to keep tabs on what is happening on the B-school campus.  There are often Twitter feeds, Facebook fan clubs, or LinkedIn networking groups available – as well as the Admissions Blog which you are reading now!

Simon Admissions is hosting webinars for prospective students over the coming weeks which will help you learn more about our programs and the application process.  Check back for more details to be posted through the Admissions blog.  If you have immediate questions or are interested in learning more about the Simon School and our MBA or MS programs, contact me at

Rebekah S. Lewin

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Univ. of Rochester, Simon Graduate School of Business
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