Guest Blog from Brijesh Sheth, Newly Enrolled MBA Student

Sheth_BrijeshI have just landed at Rochester and after completing the admissions process, this maybe a perfect time to reminisce about my admissions experience at the Simon Business School.

The first thing I can recollect is being interviewed by the Senior Associate Dean.  He came down to India to interview me and sent an email at 5:30 AM asking me to call him if I couldn’t find the place where the interview was scheduled.    I had barely slept the night due to the nervousness of the pending interview and I was sure that I would wake up even more nervous.  But as soon as I saw that email (which was actually the first thing I did that day), my nervousness went away – I was humbled by the fact that my interviewer (who was the Senior Associate Dean and had flown down from the USA to India) was more concerned about me (a local resident) finding the place.  This gesture is a typical example of the warmth that signifies the Simon admissions experience.

I also had the benefit of vesting Rochester during the “Experience Simon Weekend”.  Experience Simon Weekend is a weekend event where admitted students can visit Rochester and attend lectures and ‘experience’ what life at Simon will be.  If I can sum up what those two days meant to me, I would use the word – enthralling.  I realized during those 48 hours that Simon is not just going to be a business school but a life changing experience.  I knew that apart from learning business and other MBA stuff, I am going to learn how to be a better, more cheerful and courteous person.

Overall the Simon admissions process has been a wonderful experience which taught me b-schools need not be all about data and laptops and suits.  Being nice, chivalrous and by just smiling to each other is a key yet basic aspect which I guess is a must in the b-school experience.  Well, this was just the admissions process, my school starts next week and am sure that I will receive the same warmth and homely feeling from my faculty, peers and batch mates.

Cheers to Simon.  Meliora.

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