Great courses at Simon!

By: Bonnie Liu

Is it still winter in the place you live now? It is already spring in Rochester, and it has been really hot recently. People here all said that the past winter was the mildest one in Rochester’s history. No matter if it was caused by Global Warming or some other reasons, it is always great to have a warm spring come early. We are currently in our Spring Break this week, and I just finished my second quarter of my MBA studies. Yes, 1/3 of my MBA life has passed! I am looking forward to starting my new quarter, but I also hope time goes by slower, so that I can experience more about this great school and the great city of Rochester.

As I promised, today I will introduce the classes we had in the past quarters. After finishing my two quarters study, what impressed me most was how closely the courses we studied linked with each other:

In my first quarter, I took four core courses as a start: ACC401-Corporate Financial Accounting, FIN402-Capital Budget and Corporate Objectives, GBA411-Framing and Analyzing Business Problems I, and STR401-Managerial Economics. All of the four courses provided a basic knowledge of accounting, finance, economics, statistics & modeling. The way that professors teach is very practical. Those tedious concepts became vivid when we discussed real cases of accounting problems or merger & acquisitions. Among the four courses, GBA411 was the most challenging one for me, because I did not have much experience in doing modeling before. But I enjoyed facing the challenge and was happy to see my big progress in the final exam.

For the past quarter, I took two core courses: MKT402-Marketing Management and GBA412- Framing and Analyzing Business Problems II; and two elective courses: FIN411-Investment and ACC411-Financial Statement Analysis. I always tell my classmates that the key word of my winter quarter is “Regression”. Why is that? Because all the four courses I took required to use regression tools in solving different problems. GBA412 mainly introduced regression and modeling skills in using Excel.

MKT402 was my favorite class in last quarter! I loved every assignment we had. It was of great fun to estimate the ticket office of the movie The Lorax, and to play the marketing simulations with my team trying hard to gain more profit and revenue.  And yes, as I mentioned last time, Financial Statement Analysis was demanding but extremely useful. How to judge a company’s profitability or solvency? How to evaluate a company by using DCF model? You will know that from this course. And we even analyzed a case ourselves by using Simon School’s F.A.Ct. Method. Interested in options or portfolio management? FIN411 would be a good choice for you to start.
Although I don’t know the details about what we are going to learn from next week, I am sure there will be a lot of fun. Oh yes, one more point to make, you will know how knowledgeable our professors are only when you take their courses.  Don’t be surprised if you find marketing strategy questions in your accounting homework, or hear a professor talking about economics model in his marketing class. You can discuss any topic with professors, you can also seek help from them for your job search problems, and even do mock interviews with them.  And I also greatly appreciate that professors do surveys before starting of our new quarter, they would like to know more about us, such as how to pronounce our names, the way we prefer to be called, our past experiences and our career goals.  What can I say more about this great community in Simon? I just love it!

Alright, I am going to enjoy BBQ with my friends tomorrow at the Ontario Beach Park, what is your plan for the weekend? Looking forward to meeting you this coming autumn.


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