Five Things I Love About Rochester

The following blog post was written by Katie Freiert, 2017 MBA candidate

As a Long Beach, CA native, moving across the country to pursue my MBA at Simon was a big decision. Now, heading into my second year as a Rochester resident, I’ve come to enjoy many things the city has to offer. Here are my five favorite things about the “Flower City.”

Especially stunning fall colors outside Simon's Schlegel Hall.

Stunning fall colors outside Simon’s Schlegel Hall.

Experiencing all four seasons. This was a new concept for me, because where I’m from our weather stays consistent for the majority of the year. I was in Rochester for a full year before my summer internship and had the opportunity to experience hot summer, crisp and colorful fall, snowy winter, and bright spring. Rochester has fun things to do during each season as well, where you can experience new parts of the city and meet new people! Speaking of which…

The people.  I have yet to meet a Rochesterian who has been anything less than wonderful. They are hospitable and want nothing more than for you to love their city as much as they do. When local students and people in my neighborhood found out I was from so far away, they were more than willing to give recommendations on where to eat, what to do, and how to accomplish day-to-day tasks like where to buy groceries. And while we’re on the topic…

Wegmans Food Markets, which originated in Rochester, has stores in six states along the East Coast.

Wegmans Food Markets began in Rochester and has stores in six states along the East Coast.

WEGMANS.  For those who have not heard of the wonderous place, you’re in for a treat! Wegmans is an experience. It is the supermarket extraordinaire here in the Northeast that has anything and everything you could ever want from a grocery store. They are equipped with the standard offerings, but you will also find an expansive deli, bakery, hot buffet bars that feature cuisines from around the world, restaurants, a coffee bar, and food to go! If you don’t want to take my word for it, Wegmans was recently named the Best Grocery Chain in America by Fortune.

It’s a small big city. I am from a big city in California, so coming to Rochester was somewhat of a culture shock. I wasn’t used to a city being quiet and was amazed by the minimal traffic on the highways. Rochester’s culture, nightlife, and food scene is vibrant enough to keep anyone busy. With its museums, local breweries and wineries, Eastman School of Music, and other great opportunities similar to other big cities, you’ll never have to look far for fun weekend plans.

My favorite—local sports!
As a big sports fan, having access to different sporting events was very important to me. The Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres play about an hour away in Buffalo, meaning that professional football and hockey are never far away. The Rochester Redwings baseball team, a Triple-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, and the RazorSharks, a semi-professional team with the Premier Basketball League, give sports fans seasonal opportunities to see the sports that they love close to home.

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