Faculty Spotlight: Gregg Jarrell, PhD

JarrellMeet Gregg A Jarrell, Professor of Finance and Economics

University of Chicago
PhD – Business Economics

University of Chicago
MBA – Economics and Finance

University of Delaware
BA – Business Administration

Q. What courses do you teach?
A. FIN 433 Cases in Finance and STR 401 Managerial Economics

Q. How long have you taught at Simon?
A. Nearly thirty years

Q. What do you like most about your job?
A. I love to teach smart, interested students in the classroom and to work on my notes and, especially, to write exams.

Q. Could you please share a fun fact about you?
A.  I have never lost a racquetball match against the 100+ students I have played over the decades.

Q. If you could recommend a “unique Rochester experience” to prospective students what would it be?
A.  Rochester is beautiful, lush, and very green in season with all kinds of trees and flowers everywhere and dozens of incredible golf courses and parks, and Rochester is surrounded by upstate New York, which is a beautiful part of the country.  Students who are used to big cities should just get a friend with a car and head out for inexpensive, wholesome adventures in the nearby countryside on weekends…gorge hiking, boating, camping in season, and skiing, sledding, ice skating, and snow shoeing in winter.

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