Enjoy the Erie Canal in Simon’s Backyard

Erie CanalBy: Sindy Cantor

The New York State Canalway Trail System is comprised of a network of more than 260 miles of existing multi-use, recreational trails across upstate New York. Major segments are adjacent to the waterways of the New York State Canal System or follow remnants of the historic original canals of the early 1800s that preceded today’s working Canal System.

The Canalway Trail System is comprised of four major segments: the 100-mile Erie Canal Heritage Trail in Western New York (this part of the canal encompasses Rochester), the 36-mile Old Erie Canal State Park Trail in Central New York, the 60-mile Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway in the Eastern Capital Region, and the eight-mile Glens Falls Feeder Canal Heritage Trail in the foothills of the Adirondacks near Lake George. The area from Fairport to Spencerport spans approximately 19 miles. The trail has sections that are paved and some areas are just stone.
We are so fortunate to have the Erie Canal Trail right in Simon’s backyard! What better way to start out a day at Simon than a peaceful ride on the Erie Canal? You get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, get in a cardio workout, avoid the commuter traffic on the roads, and, best of all, no parking worries once arriving at the University of Rochester! There are many convenient ways to get to the University from the canal: Kendrick Road “entrance”, another at the far end of Park Lot, and an entrance right from Genesee Valley Park. The bike ride in the morning gives me a chance to plan out my day or just chill to some good music. Likewise, the ride home allows me to wind down. Riding the canal frequently and at the same time daily, you will get to see the “canal regulars.” One of my favorites is a woman who appears to be in her later years rolling blading!

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