Consumption Functions; a Party Simon-Style

By: Crissi

Simon’s monthly consumption functions are events that the whole Simon community looks forward to attending.  Each month a different administrative department within Simon hosts a themed happy hour on campus.  The point is to bring together students, faculty and staff in a fun and casual environment.  To give you a better sense, here is the schedule of events for winter and spring quarter 2011:

• January – Superbowl, complete with tailgating, friendly NFL rivalries and team spirit!
• February – Name that Tune, Nothing but Love Songs, a friendly competition for V Day!
• March – St. Patrick’s Day, featuring students holding Irish Dancing lessons and lucky charms!
• April – Carnival at the Shore, a beach party with hot dogs, board walk snacks, games and prizes!
• May – Cinco de Mayo, with festive music, sombreros and a taco bar!
• June – Hawaiian Beach Party, to be held outside with many surprises in store!

As the name suggests, these events are all about consuming: free drinks such as beer, wine, or soda, plus snacks and food are abundant.  They are always held on a night when classes are in session so many students get a great mini-meal and some fun before they have to return to the classroom.  Others end their day of study on a relaxing note with friends and colleagues.  On more than one occasion, limbos have broken out as well as dancing by faculty, staff and students alike.  Many think of business school as a serious environment, and here at Simon we try to inject some lighthearted fun to loosen up the mood whenever we can.

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