Business School Admission Tips: Interviewing

By: Rebekah

Hi again from Rochester – I am wrapping up the series of posts on admissions tips with some helpful hints on the admissions interview.  Here goes:

  • Interviews at Simon are by invitation – after your application has been reviewed we will contact you if an interview is requested
  • Treat the interview like a job interview – dress in business attire, arrive a little ahead of schedule (10-15 minutes) if the interview will be in person or call on time if the interview is by telephone (be sure to check the time difference if you are calling from outside the U.S.)
  • Your interview may be conducted by an admissions officer or a Simon School alumnus – depending on when and where you complete your interview.  In either case, the interviewer will have a copy of your resume to review prior to the interview appointment
  • Be prepared to discuss your background and interest in graduate study and specifically your interest in attending the Simon Graduate School of Business
  • Rather than repeating essays or reading off your resume, be prepared to go into more detail by providing specific examples to our questions
  • Also prepare 2-3 questions that you would like to ask the interviewer to learn more about the program
  • The interview is just one aspect of the application review – be yourself and be honest about strengths and weaknesses.  Strong self awareness of what you need to develop (and how Simon can help with this) is just as important as making a compelling case for yourself in the admissions review

That’s it on interviewing – but best wishes as you are working through the application process at Simon!  I look forward to reviewing your application in the coming months.