Business School Admission Tips:
General Guidelines

By: Rebekah

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to use this venue to provide tips and pointers that will help you as you are working on perfecting your application for M.B.A. or M.S. study in the upcoming weeks and months. Over the course of the next few entries, I will go over each part of the application process, discuss what the Admissions Committee is seeking, and also try and provide recommendations if you are concerned that you might not “measure up” on our expectations in a particular part of your application.

Don’t worry – we don’t have any “perfect” applications – each candidate has strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the committee is making decisions based upon the entirety of your application and our overall assessment on both a relative and absolute basis.

While the majority of our students have the potential to be successful if they were to be considered individually, much of our review compares your application with others we have admitted or plan to admit for a particular program. For instance:

How does your …

  • Work experience compare?
  • Test scores and grades?
  • Leadership potential?
  • Team skills?
  • Interpersonal skills?
  • Career goals and fit with the program to which you applied?
  • Other unique personal or professional credentials?
  • Out-of-work commitments or interests?

All of these factors are reviewed by a Committee, that will make a judgment on where you fit compared to others we have been considered and admitted.

Each future post will address an area of the application and answer frequently asked questions and common challenges that candidates face when applying to Simon. Stay tuned for my next topic – the essays.

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